Were excavation maps nerfed?

Hi, I have noticed a considerable reduction in materials from excavation maps, specifically T3 honing materials like graces, blessings and protections. I have also noticed it no longer gives excavating exp when you open a chest in a secret map - not sure if this was a silent nerf as it wasn’t in the patch notes. Anyone have any information? @Roxx

I cant say if I was a lucky one as of late, but I still seem to be getting solar graces and blessings, as well as I got a master craft kit two days ago. I never noticed the chest giving exp before however, goes to show how much I pay attention.

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yes i still get them too. but not on the same level i used too. I was commonly getting 7 graces, 3 blessings per map. This has gone down by the same amount that my shovel % gives me. so now getting 2 blessings and 4 graces.

crafted 15 of these south vern map
ending my run with 10 grace and 1 blessing, nothing else
never gonna craft it again lol

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