Were Tradeable T3 Leapstones Removed?

I am not sure but for the last couple of days I noticed on my T3 alts that I have zero Leapstones that are tradeable. Before I was moving them daily from my alt to another in order to try and increase ILVL. But for today and yesterday I notice I had none. Not sure if this is RNG or if something has changed. Anyone else notice a difference? My 3 alts were doing moon lvl 2 chaos dungeon and Igrexion guardian raid.

Only leapers from guardians are tradeable

Yes but last two days I have received 0. Is that normal?

Not if you did guardians :slight_smile:

nope they weren’t removed got 3 today in chaos dungeons :partying_face:

something has changed then. Today was tracking and got nothing. Will look at my last alt and see if it goes to non tradable

Tradable leapstones from chaos dungeon :thinking:

Im sure you got these from guardian or infinity chaos dungeon vendor. Normal chaos are bound

talking about leap not greater

I’m so confused by this topic.

Do you do guardian and/or buy from chaos shop? Congrats you have unbound leapstones.

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did t3 nesan on my alts today all were tradeable

Just normal drops. Would move a couple from each alt a day.

What do you mean “normal drops”? Drops from what?

Did you actually harvest the soul? Lol

from the 4 runs i listed on the original post

i done 2 chaos dungeons and not done any guardians today.
i had 44 bound stones in my bag before i doen the dungeon and now i have 44 bound and 3 tradeable. haven’t done any other content today like raids, dungeons either

considering I said I used to get them, yes

chaos doesnt drop unbound leaps ever

Maybe it is just RNG. About to see right now on my last alt.

You could’ve easily done the guardian and forgot to harvest the soul. Considering that everyone else is saying you’re wrong, something tells me it’s a YOU problem