Werewolf class?

This game has epic werewolf design, you can see those guys as bosses from time to time. What about adding Werewolf class to the game? Could be similar to Shadowhunter, do human things, charge specialty bar, do werewolf things until bar runs out, maybe with some little twist + it’s own abilities - not looking for exact Shadowhunter copy here xD.

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yeah sure, they cant even fix the broken aura, how many years would it take for ags to suggest something like this to gol d river.

You do realize that amazon is just here for your money, they dont really have anything to do with game design or dev work, atleast outside the cash shop and servers ( and we all see how they manage to fk up those 2 on a othewise perfectly good working game)

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And you do realise Amazon has nothing to do with the classes right? xD Smilegate develops the game and all of it’s content and they have little to do with current EU situation.

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I like the idea, I also love the Druid in Diablo 2 with his bear and wolf form.

Are you a worgen main? Lol

Male assassin with shadowhunter subclass using werewolf form instead of demon form please.


Something like that, yeah

Well, I was in Shadowlands, because my warlock is worgen and I played afflilock for Castle Natria :smiley: . But otherwise no, I do not have furry tendencies :smiley:

Also a possibility, instead of having dedicated werewolf class, it could be WoW-like/D2-like druid with shapeshift forms. At that point the gameplay wouldn’t be similar to Shadowhunter, but to Gunslinger with his weapon swap, except I assume mostly melee gameplay.