West EU is dead

Ok. I’m done. I quit the game. It can’t be that to play a sad game in something that should be fast like a guardian raid, I have to wait 8:40 minutes… Let’s not talk about raids and other more complete things. You know that EU West is dead and you have abandoned the users that are there. And it’s not a recent problem. We have been like this for about 9 months and getting worse and worse until the game has become unplayable. You need to be a person who plays 8 hours a day minimum to be able to do what you would do on 1 hour in a healthy server.
By the way. Measuring the waiting times I could see how once the matchmaking is completed, you reduce the waiting time by about 2 and a half minutes to make us believe that we have waited less… Very sad.

P.d: could you imagine to wait close to 9 minutes to play one match in other games like cod, overwatch, clash Royale, fall guys, etc?. You lost many players cause you didn’t solve this and I think you will lost the 90% of current players in EU West during the next quarter.


“Nothing is more sad than playing MMO on dead server” - Asmongold.
If I were you I would quit without a question and without making this post, because this post will do nothing more than making more people aware of EU west’s dead population.

I would also not start on fresh server as I know the grind better than anyone and would wait for other MMOs coming this year and make sure to choose server wisely next time. I got this lesson when i was playing WOW on OCE servers but luckily WOW have server transfers.


You know I always tell my coworkers if things doesn’t work out for you, leave. Why bother staying just so you can tell them you don’t like it? When you stay is when AGS or company will question why are you still here if you don’t like it? The numbers will show when people leave, the numbers will show when there is no inactivity. They look at graphs and numbers, they can careless about your theories and concerns. Money flowing in their pocket everyday, you are basically in no position to tell them what is dead and what is not working for them. They rather hear what will make them richer not poorer.

Not like it was a known fact the 2nd they announced euw that it would be a dead region unlike euc


He has millions of views on youtube and 10’s of thousands on twitch. How many do you have?
Maybe we should start quoting you,

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Euw is death true reality. If you give Up im ready for you gold and jewelery . Server nía joram

what a troll

Why not? dude is a legend.

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@Ta1 don’t care about suspension as some people told me he have multi forum accounts so if one gets suspended he gets on second/third account because he can’t live without talking shit on LA forum, also this dude is a stalker so better hide your account else he will follow you on every post you comment on, better to block this guy to keep you sanity.

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I am hereby declaring this thread OFF THE RAILS.


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it derailed after someone mention a quote related to the topic from asmongold. Then everyone started criticizing the dude being asmongold andy lol.
Question is everyone doesnt hate the dude, but you at least agree with some of his points like the quote that guy did.

LMAO everyone who talked shit about Asmon is removed, forgot he have good relations with AGS and Unopri is suspended LOL. I think now he knows why people quote Asmon, not him.


Less to do with them talking shit about asmon and more like they were constantly breaking the rules, being combative and derailing the entire thread. Both suspended untill start of Feb.

But back on topic. Yh euw dead like it was when it arrived its a region they shouldn’t have added.
Eu would have been better off just suffering from queues and lag for a few more weeks than adding euw

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Ta1 got suspended too classic anyway back on topic

The biggest problem for them is to split regions instead have all servers in one single EU region then just merge the servers. Problem is AGS don’t think far ahead that there will be multiple issues with many different circumstances like they don’t think the game would be bot infested and not think of finding a team for bot prevention. Pretty sure everyone agrees that their release was kind of hasty without thinking of future consequences.

SG never had to worry about merging regions in history as they have one region in JP/RU/KR, Honestly they should have only made 2 regions for global too which is NA and EU, as I see NAW having issues in future because at least 50% of population consist Asians which makes NAW economy worst. Every single low roster char I see have White weapon glow + lvl 10 gems + Asian name, no wonder we got captcha first. But captcha working very well as I have seen more multiboxers now than actual bots lmao.

i hope my lv40 alt on EUW will be merge to EUC but not on my main server :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

yeah euw was already dead this summer but don’t worry the same’s happening to EUC , game’s dying super fast.

Its not Dead 3/4 is good number but the main reason is Caliligos is not easy to take Specially in Random Group