West luterra done! fourth reward!

The collectibles are killing me. Especially with all the botters. I can’t be bothered at this point. I’m even 91% in one zone. I’ll just wait to bots are undercontrol or not do it at all.

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I feel you buddy, there are many bots around but you can buy those with gold. I do that.

not buying anything with gold, it supports the botters sadly. I’ll just play the game as “solo self found” until botting/economy is stable.

It’s the collectibles which gets me too, more for how long it takes to get some of them. Really frustrating.

It doesnt frustrate me, coming from a game that has very little content this one is massive. So the slow grind over time is fine for me. I’m just not “forcing” to 100% zones, its slow and tedious for the colletibles and will be something I passively work on. Again, not buying from AH, because it just encourages these botters.

In general, I like all of the various collectibles, its just the adventurer tome ones which frustrate, like I’ve leveled 3 classes through West Luterra now and I have 1/4 for both rare collectibles and 0 for the epic one.