West - Mari Character Stuck

Hi, Was sailing across the map, and entered Rhohendel got me black screen then kick out of the game. though was nothing and tried to enter the game once again. but for some reason My Main Character seems to glitch out. retrying to enter the game with my “Main Character” is giving me error now, that says “Can’t Connect to game”, While all my alts can enter the game no problem. I just did some digging on other forums that has the similar cases, and the suggestion fix is the verify integrity, update all drivers, net connections. so I did all of that and still no success. in terms of spec wise, my rig is above average.

Server: Mari
Character: Zhiia

is there sometime we can do? any work around? or to fix this?
please help.

if Relocating my character to Prideholme is an potential fix, please do so. :slight_smile: really appreciate it in advance.

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Hello @grazer_silentemo_12

Welcome to the forums!

Sorry to hear about this problem you are having with the connection error message that appears for this character.

I see that you have attempted some previous workarounds beforehand, and even loading into a different character has not fixed the issue.

I can try to move your character to a different location. Please close the game and let me know when you’re out before we continue. Make sure you also try running another file verification after this and going back to see if the error message appears again.

I’ll be checking for your response.


Hello. Could you possibly move my character as well if you get the chance! I have the same message and issue.

US West - Mari
Character name - Fup

I would really appreciate it!

US West - Mari
Character name - Miyano

My character is stuck on the water as well. I can’t enter any ports or islands. Docking is not an option that is available. I linked some screenshots to show my inability to dock. My other characters seem to be fine.

im logout and ready to give it a try. :slight_smile:

Hi could you try for me as well?

Character name - Mundalei
I will log off right away

I’ve relocated Miyano,

If you continue to experience the same issue afterwards, I recommend contacting our live support to report on this issue: Contact Us | Amazon Games


@grazer_silentemo_12 Done. Ty again to see if you continue to get the error message. Make sure you try running another file verification before going back in.

If you still find the same issue after this, I recommend contacting our live support to report on this issue: Contact Us | Amazon Games

Hi, could you also try for me as well?

US West - Mari
Character Name: Dreampuffs

Sorry to bother you but if you don’t mind would you be so kind as to move my character as well, I have not been able to play my main for 8 hours…

US West - Mari
Character: Shikata

Did it work?

US West: Mari
Character name: Stÿx

Could you move me so I can get back into my character?

Same issue here, cant access any ports, cannot dock at any islands either

US west: Mari
IGN: Uberbeats

Can my character ‘uberbeats’ atleast be moved into rohendal docks to progress the storyline please? iLevel requirement of 460 is met, just cant dock the boat.

Live support has not been any help either to fix this issue

attempted all mentioned work arounds and still having this issue for over 12 hours.

US W: Mari
Character: Deathiccus

would like to be moved if possible as well

I have the same problem
Please help me

Region: Europe Central
Server: Thirain
Character name: Koobi

Thank you

Same problem as well
NA west
Server- Mari
Character- Purpleyard

Stuck after a crash please move my characters as well :raised_hands:

Same here! Can’t login to my main(in Blackfang’s Den)

Region: NA West
Server: Mari
Character Name: Purritto

Can you please move to Vern? or any city, please? Seems like that’s the fastest resolution you guys can do at least temporarily.

Suffering the same issue after crashing randomly in shushire
NA west

My friend has been similarly stuck since around 4pm server time. He’s been able to load the game on his other characters, but he’s given up on logging onto his main after trying for hours. Would it be possible to move his character as well? He was in a quest dungeon for Punika.

Server: Mari
Character: Jimboba

We are escalating this issue, since the server does not appear to be tracking online status correctly to allow for any of these characters to be moved at the moment.

For all remaining characters with this issue on the Mari server, please wait for updates on this situation.

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