Westerners ACTUALLY Want Casual Skins!

I’m worried that Amazon/Smilegate may be under a false assumption that Westerners ONLY want cool/“edgy” skins (like Omen,) and that only Easterners like casual skins (they’re the most popular type of skin in KR,) but in my opinion that is FALSE! EVERYONE likes casual skins, not just Eastern/KR players. Most of the players I know, from multiple online communities, say that casual skins are the ones they’re most looking forward to (aside from the lewd skins.)

I just hope AGS/SG don’t hold off on giving us the casual skins (and Neria’s Dressing Room) thinking we won’t be interested in them… when that’s just not true.




Scuba suit coming on the 21st

New world chainmail coming out on May 21st as a collab event

Pirate outfit coming out on June 21st along with animal outfits again as an apology for the Valtan Incident


I want the ones that looks like proyect from league

I just want an actual transmog system so I can use old gear with high ilvl characters.



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I swear if AGS gets us those disgusting inferno skins on this upcoming patch I’ll lose my mind. Completely agree we need more casual and LARPY armor pieces.


You mean those that were in the Beta right?
I really hope not.


How about skins NOT locked to class. At least can make headpieces this way, like the Bunny Ears !!!

Of course, but ugly skins first for max profit.


I agree with you I am sure AGS will screw up the skins why else we only have 1 skins since release and especially Neria’s dressing room is the best because you can dye almost all of these outfits and thus lost ark will be a bit more colourful… I want to see many creative cool outfits if something doesn’t change soon, lost ark will be history for me

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not true the dressing room would make more money because to dye your outfits you also have to spend crystals and for example i would dye a lot

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Moar skins!!!

I’ve spent very little money on this game, but I’d empty my wallet to skin all my alts, regardless of tier. I don’t want to have to do that, it would be nice to have a way to earn plenty of skins in game, but I would.

I do have a feeling skins were majorly overlooked as a form of reliable revenue when LA was brought to the west.

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i don’t :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The only exception is the 70k providence set for deadeye, mf looks like a baron and its sick

The issue is that omen is over the top edgy, especially the female ones. it ends up looking stupid

i dislike the ones from the beta even more than omen.
would be pretty disappointing if those were what we replace omen with but doesn’t matter much to me 'cus i don’t even have a class to wear them on still 'cus the class i was playing in beta still isn’t available ;_;.

+1 for casual skins getting released, or at least just give us neria’s dressing room. that’s not even content it’s just free money for devs makes no sense to not have it in our version as soon as possible

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I agree.

That being said, skimpy outfits are not casual skins. Bikini are not casual skins. Lewd outfits are NOT casual skins.

Skins that make you look like you’re wearing normal casual attire ARE casual skins.

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bikinis are probably coming in a summer (june/july) update for anyone into those but likely not what op is asking for since there’s a ton of casual clothes in the game but only a few swimwear.

I’d be pretty surprised if they didn’t bring Neria’s dressing room over at some point.

Just giving us nerias dress room would solve so many issues of everyone looking the same or like a dinosaur.

Id like to see the craftable avatars finally in our game, legendaries and not legendaries