Whaaaaaaaaat! delayed update again cmon smilegate!

Again?? im just wondering how do you do your updates are you testing the update when its only maintenance schedule? isnt supposed to be that you already worked to it and tested it days advanced before mainte ? how come there is an issue it means you didnt test it before you finalize and give the patch note to AGS to release what the actual F*CK is wrong with you?

@Roxx can we get an update or anything or ETA for this ART of WAR update from SMILEGATE
looks like SG is busy on KR version and they didnt give much attention to western?
KR doesnt experience this kind of delays…

PS: I think AGS not to blame here, its SMILEGATE faults, AGS is publisher stop hating them. SMILEGATE is the developer and creator of the game so any ingame issues is smilegate fault even the bot preventions smilegate cant do anything about it…

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