Whale with 1490 weapon

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It’s not that uncommon honestly. I see plenty of people like this in Nia Village on Mari server.

Why’s it matter? people who make these posts are jealous that’s pretty much all there is to it, they certainly wouldn’t be posting this kinda stuff if they themselves were that level. giggles If people want to spend their money on something they believe in supporting for whatever reasons of theirs which you aren’t allowed to judge then let them be and move on with your own journey on the game >.>

oh no man how dare they spend money that they worked for and can afford to spend on the game that I play! I should be able to keep up with these players no matter what me angry.


Kappa indeed.

Why does it matter that people want to spend money in games they love??? Instead of throwing all that money into drugs or other things, they play games? It’s their money, they spend how they pleases?? All these crying post about others GS is ridiculous, there are no race whatsoever. What’s that man gear score have anything to do with yours???

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I dunno why people want to get to Argos asap as it’s not going anywhere. I’m just slowly selling my mats to whales and honing my toons later with cheaper mats.

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Honestly after watching streamers down the fight…yea thanks I’m ok waiting for another guardian fight lol

Thing is, it’s more than that, I’m sure some people are jealous, but we have a game where 0.1% are at 1370 or higher, with very few f2p players, around 1-2% at T3, I’m not sure about T1 and T2, but of course even more players are there.
For the average player grinding in T3 it could take up to a month or more to reach T3 by just playing the game without and alts, they need to use all of their mats, by which point there could either be a new patch and a honing change which makes their efforts an absolute waste of time.
Mean while, your average whale is getting even more mats, they will either sell them or funnel their alts, they get more of everything and being a f2p player will mean likely buying from them if you actually want to improve your character.
As for T1 or T2 players, it takes a while, I don’t see how anyone could recommend the game to a new player right now because we have absolutely no idea when we will receive new information or honing changes,
People can spend their money how they like, nobody should care about that, but people should care about the future of the game they are playing and the actions and intentions of AGS running the game.

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ur not wrong but this brainlet OP, you really truly believe he/she/it made this post for the reason you gave? Somehow I don’t think so based on them not even weighing in on anything.

Yeah you’re probably right about that lol…

You must be like 12 years old to actually roleplay giggles in my thread and not understanding the point. Whaling encourages bad development cycle and that is straight fact. It doesn’t need to said for most people with good sense. No one is jealous here, have some common sense

Sure mate, while you aren’t wrong about the route they wanna go and I do sincerely hope it changes (yeah right …) but I don’t buy your story at all. If someone wants to just blindly throw cash at the publisher and developer, all the power to em. Ain’t no different than going out and buying an expensive pair of golf clubs or an expensive vehicle or whatever else. Frankly the ONLY issue I see it affecting us troglodytes is the pvp islands >_< that’s where it could become a serious issue