What’s the Status on the Galatur Main Quest Loss?

Will this be fixed when all the servers come back up today? Characters can’t progress.
Stop leaving us hanging.

Did you send in a ticket to CS? You have to do that so they can send you a bullshit reply with the wrong name/wrong game/wrong info/complete nonsense and then tell you they’ll talk to you in like half a week, maybe even shoot you a phone call.

I’ve seen half a dozen threads with no mod reply. I’ve tagged them and called them our numerous times with no responses. They don’t seem to give a shit about us on Galatur. Lucky for them it only happened to one little server and only screwed over a few thousand people. No big deal, who gives a rat’s ass.

Shameful. I’ve turned everyone who has asked me about LA away now. I cannot in good faith support a publisher who is so willing to go completely silent on an issue like this. Shame.

Galatur will remember your pathetic nonaction, AGS.

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Yes…did all that. I’m about to go on a negative marketing campaign if my character isn’t fixed immediately. I have been kind and patient until it’s time to not be kind and patient. I don’t like being given the runaround.

It’s an easy fix. Give me my Monastery main quest back and I’ll take it from there.

Yeah its quite sad the issue has yet to be addressed at all. I never played New World but from what I hear this game seems like it will be full of the same issues. People already duping paid items. Entire servers going down for unannounced “maintenance” which was more of a crash seeing as the game was buggy for a few hours prior. I was level 48 and was planning on using my powerpass but if my character isn’t fixed when the servers are back up I will be playing something else.

The thing is…this happened with only one server…the Galatur server which was underpopulated at the time. There were no wait queues whatsoever and people had already levelled for 2 days and then couldn’t anymore. The main quest lines vanished. About to get some negative press all up in this bitch.

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Still waiting on them to fix that shit too…
They talk about fixing everything on the hot fix… besides that issue.

Yep. If it was 2 or 3 servers or one of the high pop ones like Azena or whatever where all the PvPers are, I bet we’d see something more. Just dinky little Galatur though, all the people who chose a low pop server on day 1 get to get fucked for it and left in the wind.

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There are still a lot of upset people on the Galatur server whose main characters are still dead in the water and can’t progress because they have no quests and can’t pickup any quests. We have put in tickets and nobody is doing anything. It’s been 2 days now that we haven’t been able to play at all. This is horrible business.!

I’m furious. I just got out of chat and they essentially said they will do nothing about this and to “wait for the devs”. In fact, the customer support service said “we are also disappointed with this”.

I reminded him that when I buy a toaster that doesn’t work, I return it.

If I can’t return it, I will tell everyone (including the 5 people I’ve asked to play this game with me) to turn around and run the other way.

They still havent fixed all the characters on Galaturd server who lost all their main quests and can’t get them back. They say they are going to help everyone and then just sit on it and do nothing. People are wanting to get away from Galatur and go to a different server and now they can’t because their Gold or Plat Founder’s Pack is tied to that janky server.

This is so messed up!!!

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