What’s wrong with my alt?

Maybe you have an idea why my alt is gettin gatekeep for content like monkey?. Yeah i could buy a lvl 10 dmg gem or better spec. But it’s only an alt. I got declined in 5 groups today that had the same item lvl like me.


Yikes, i wouldnt take you eather :stuck_out_tongue:
j/k, i dont see anything wrong. could only be if they look for a specific synergy.

Nothing wrong with the alt but I get that isn’t the point of the post.

Really it’s just the nature of PF for Guardians. Depending on the time of day and region you are playing on these groups tend to get too many applicants for someone to actually look at each character individually. They’ll just take someone and go.

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do you think the 10 iq player making a lobby reach your gems/cards page before rejecting you?

It’s a scouter. No matter how decked out your character is people look at your class icon and immediately look at the next guy in the list


i think it’s because of streamers calling certain classes worthless or something like that not sure

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because of certain people

hell brel first clear had a scouter in it

Getting carried isn’t something to brag about.

The first dl hell brel replaced that scouter with a slayer and they went from being less than 10 seconds from enraging the boss even with super lucky patterns throughout the fight to shaving off minutes on the dl run with a slayer

that may be because slayer is busted to keep the whales whaling on it?

slayer is OP and comparing it to any other class is stupid
like comparing sorc to summoner in gvg it’s not even playing the same game

You could replace slayer with half the classes in the game and it’s the same story. If the arcana didn’t cruel fighter that scouter’s body to the clear they would’ve never met the damage check. Someone actually went and added up all the numbers on the scouter’s pov and they apparently did ~13-14% of the raid damage. It’s that big of a gap between upper tier dps and bottom tier.

i call bs here , you just wanted to flex , you didn’t get denied stop the cap ! :smiley: