What a grind, I dont wanna change with someone with average luck

Finally I got my weapon +20 today…what a grind. I would really like to know
how many of you guys started these grind too and how far are you right now?
I dont mean people who swiped for theire weapon, for me I just bought silver founder pack and Premium Season Pass…thats it. Also I am playing only with my main and dont have any Tier 3 alts. So its defnitily possible to get the weapon done but its an amazing grind and depends sooo hard on your luck…


Ok whale


mhh in my opinion 40 euro invest in a few months isnt the definition of a whale but key

I like these type of posts :smiley: Im ilvl 1490 with zero main and alts even without steam account. I didnt swipe just pure luck with 1 tap of everything.


Yeah dude you are totally f2p with no alts. Sure


I think the “no steam account” thing is more interesting than F2P with no alts or not.

For some reason, after my first honing at item level 302, I immediately 1-tapped to 1490. Definitely very f2p friendly. Now I’m in a place where everyone says “lai lai” for some reason. No idea what’s that but whatever.

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Brings Weapon to +20
Chose class with smallest glow to do so.

Now you shine as much as other classes with +15, gratz!

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without whaling, having insane luck or playing AH there is no way to get +20 wep so you are probably leaving something out in your “insane grind”.

He invest 40 euro in RMT :wink: that how he got it

Or they could be one of those chinese bot streamers that run infinite chaos dungeon 24/7 for a month

no way you get +20 w:O whaling/rmting/botting right now
congrats tho, but why being ashamed about it

giphy (1)
I always wanted to go to seaworld when I was young, but never got to. Looks like i’ve finally made it. Is this the shark exhibit? Which one of you is related to Shamu?

Tier 3’s the end game for the long term, there’s no Tier 4.

Another Mercedes funded! :whale:

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You forgot to mention that he is a victim of the predatory design elements of this game :smiley:

okay guys i read so many bad things here…just let me know what i should show you guys to proof? I can make a screen of my charakter screen, of my steamtransactions, of what ever you want. But why the hell is this so unbelievable?!

We don’t believe you. So show us your screen shot character roster level, Stronghold level etc…
Since you bought premium Ark pass you are no longer F2P anyways…

It is a matter of how much you whaled to +20 LOL…


You can elaborate further on HOW exactly did you achieve +20 by grinding ? where did you grind all those leapstones ? How many hours did you spent in game ?

just get lucky 4head

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Congratulations :partying_face:

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