What a grind, I dont wanna change with someone with average luck

guys, it’s easy. i’ll tell you exactly how to do it: remember when you tap your weapon from nothing to +1? it’s just one tap, right? now just do that 20 times! it’s very easy you should try

I already said what I bought (silver founder and premium pass).
And I make my money and the materials wtih a few diffrent things:

  1. Dailies
  2. Chaosdungeon Exchange
  3. PvP
  4. Helping people with guardian raids

lol roster 82 ? yea ok bud you totally didn’t swipe.,.

and no tripod on gears and weapon ? wut

and to clear this out!! This all is not about its able for everyone and you should go for weapon +20 grind right now. no thats not it. its just about that it is possible IF you invest a hell lot of time AND IF you get very lucky too

My weapon is +18, but I focused on hitting 1445 first.

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got my tripods. and please tell me what about my roster level?

Why Grind? When you can just Pay.


Why are you assuming he paid?
Maybe he just used all his mats on weapon.

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your screen shot is not showing any active tripod on any of your gears and weapon. Are you even using the correct tripod that matches your gear ?

maybe he doesn’t track them

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Dont worry I do :slight_smile:

Do you mind showing me your honing fail attempt achievement ? How lucky did you get to reach 1420 with no T3 alts…I really want to see

Weird flex but ok.