What a long queue!

I have spent 3 hours and im still have 8310 queue. What is your problem amazon? Why u making problem to us.

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same problem :smiley:

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Your situation is worse than mine bro i’m sorry about that. Every server has this problem so they made unplayeble game like New World that i understand. Smilegate RPG company and of course amazon have a lot of mistakes in this issue, but I don’t think amazon is the only sinner.

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Server kadan

I’m waiting too, I can’t enter the game, they don’t solve it

New World made the same mistake, they’re doing it again, very amateur amazon


Server: Zinnervale

I’ve been waiting 2 hours, since 18k.

I haven’t been able to level my character to 50, every time I finish working, I have to wait 6/8 free hours to be able to play :frowning:

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The problem of the queues is that some of us paid the Crystal Aura and we cant play… in my opinion, this is a sort of SCAM to my Auras and expectations :slight_smile: or in my case, I paid two DLC gold and plat, and 60% of my game time I’m in queue :slight_smile:


I bet they will release the new region, give no compensation to those of us who bought founder packs to relocate and when we complain about queues they will just show us the new region and tell us to go there, just like that.

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I would love to have a queue. Instead I don’t get into the queue at all. Just game closing with the message that there are capacity issues.

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For normal worker its unplayable, my aura will disappear without anyhour i can play, because of Q. I come home, see 20k+ i can log off because if i can login its time to sleep.

Dunno what, but some guys from AGS oder Smilegate dont done his Job right.


How can a company like this provide a product with so bad server management? Amazon doesn’t have an excuse for this long queue. I think that in their offices they are doing a party just looking at the money going in. If amazon can’t handle this, who can? Just give us SOLUTIONS!

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I feel your pain I work in IT and in my opinion, this is bad project management … a company like Amazon has the resources to solve the problem… doesn’t look to have the right people …,


The problem is not Amazon Games…it’s your company.
Ask for Home Office and you can log in at any time and play in your break

I wish for a server restart at 17/18h CET so that the normal working people get the same chance to login as the people that can play the whole day.

This would also kick all the Macro-to-stay-online-Andys

Just sat in queue for like 6 hours and the game kicked me out when i was 400 in place, unlucky guess ill play in a few weeks cba anymore

Thats the worst thing they didn’t calculate.

I forgot to move while on PC to watch LA video guide, eat and chat >> back to LA >> got msg for afk and kicked out of game >> login and 14k Q while for 40mins already just -2k /12k left/…think im done for today, THANKS smart devs, thanks! Proly gonna get twitch drop /which i activated same time i got kicked from game/ before i login and cant see why i should wait so long when can just stay cool and play another game and LA in the mornings IF there are no server maintenances again. Thanks.

This launch is some next level BS.
In 2022, coming from one of the biggest serv hosting company in the world, having already miserably failed with a previous MMO launch just a few monthes ago … this is just unnactepable and complete lack of professionalism, combined with a huge F U to all europe players.


Today i just wait like 4 hours but still waiting to play game. What a mess. Amazon the owner of greates servers. Why are we being given such ridiculous service? We paid for this game and got early access and we were having this problem back then. Please solve that problem. I just graduated from university and if I was working at amazon, I would have foresighted on this subject long ago, thinking about the things that would cause problems and taking the necessary steps to solve it.