What about a Wei card compensation?

Our world is in ruins…

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m8 wei card u can get from traders… ask for something u cant buy everyday…


yeah that’s it, a wei card…

That is exactly what I have in mind. What if there were 3 Wei cards during maintenance?


unlikely but possible, wouldnt be a good comparrision, its to less

Probably definitely won’t be that but I appreciate the hustle


wei card probably have 0.1% chance to spawn in wandering merchants but we definitely missed 5-6x legendary rapports today.


Some of us have been done with Wei for months now, I’d rather it be something everyone still needs, like Pheons, gold (unlikely, because bots) or mats

Think its only fair,

how many Wei cards have we missed in this outage?

Free LoS cards for all imo

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100 pheons and it will all be forgotten :star_struck:

you sure did picked a good server…
I’m at wei lv3+1 and I got every single wei spawn :sob:

Who cares about wei, lostwind is enough.

Ok ok Wei card is out but what about a Nineveh or Shandi?

How about new tripod system instead :smiley:

really a wei card from loosing a gold island/maharaka/ full roster chaos dungeons/guardians…a fucking wei wake up not even fucking 5 wei’s would compensate this for EU players!

This just in. 12 weis spawned on your server during the time of this maintenance.

I can’t believe people are actually commenting serious on this

legendary card selection pack lol

you mean no wei for free wei?

So you’re saying there’s a chance