What about extra character slot for BC?

Hello everyone, hope you’ll doing great.

The post/topic talks about itself, why we don’t have as f2p player, I’d like to try more classes.
But I can’t invest gold and time ingame and just delete it if I didn’t like it, I still be use it as an alt.
I know everyone will say u can only get gold rewards from 6 chars, which I already know.

The point behind more than 6 is just we still can do choas dungeon / raids to feed our main with mats etc.

Ofc not everyone can handle even 6 chars from the dailies + weeklies at some point.

But the idea behind this, just trying new classes and in additional to that we have many items that cost RC on lost ark store that are purchasable with BC as well.

Maybe it would be a good idea tho.
Please take it easy on me, I’m kinda new to the game but an old MMO player.

I’m not against if u need extra slot u can pay for it “I can pay 10 usd/euros” but I would do it once, and trust me there’s too many worth buying items rather than just an extra slot.

What if I need 3 or 4 more slots!
Where’s the f2p game then!

At the end of the day, let me know what u think in the comments.

Have a good day/night