What about Gold Exchange For combat RMT WEBS?

Why we got the baddest exchange of all Regions whit a change for 238 Royal cristal for 95 blue crystal when in the others Regions the exchanges was 100 Royals -95 blue cristal its more competitive for ppl like put money in game and dont destroy the AH for Rmting and get low Bots on the game like the others Regions WHY AGS dont do nothing more competitive whit thats=? they can change the exchange to 100-95 and they got to much profit because to much ppl enjoy change Real money for gold and stop buying in externals pages! Good Nights God help AGS change bussines Mind for the Healthy of the game bless u ALL!

:slight_smile: if its a bad thing someone can xplain me why blesses

Are you bored chief? Or how many threads do you wanna open

I will open 400 mores ^^