What about RMTers?

Big ban wave incoming but, no mention of people buying gold at all… what about them ? no punishment ? do we all need to start buying gold ?


Meanwhile 1 in 200k RMTer getting only a 1 to 3 days ban and keeping the gold… the other 199k RMTers getting away with it… just because they also spend some money buying gold from the shop…

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I don’t care how cheap the gold is or how little the risk… I refuse to support the gold sellers. Its just bad news for the game and for the industry as a whole.

with that being said, they definitely need to address RMT punishment…


Man, can you guys stop with these bots’ accounts spreading false rumours about RMT? my friend just got banned. How desperate are you guys for trying to get more customers?

Apparently, AGS said nope and decided to instant ban some accounts.

Every single f’cking time the devs mention something about banning the RMTers, the same rumours arise. “There’s very little risk for RMT in this game” Same shit, just like that, 1000+ hours begone. Litte risk my a*s.

Here’s another “innocent” post:

they should at least extend the bans to 2 weeks and remove stuff bought with it or the gold…
But i suppose its just easier to change to a perma ban police because this will spread better instead of all these fake theorys

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have you ever read or search before you post like this ?

RMTNEVERFIXED where you at???

Well the 1 in 200k RMTER does get their gold removed. It doesn’t go into the negative tho and they keep all their purple crystals if they converted.

i did… i visited their forums and discord today… literally i only saw 1-2 people getting a 3 day ban and keeping the gold… oh also there was a FREE BOT program for download… now my question is DID you read or search before replying bullcrap ?

Should check area chat XD I seen plenty of clear rmter’s still chillin with full level 10 gems


I have numerous friends that have been banned from RMT. all gold was turned to 0. Everything else was kept.

Why would they ban them when they contribute the most to Amazon piggy bank

So basically as soon as they recieve their RMT gold they insta spend it?

i did some research today… forums and discord which i will not share (you can easly find it on google) not only gold sellers but players also using bots for chaos dungeon and leveling and stuff… and there was a FREE bot for download…

Pretty much. If gold did go into the negative this wouldn’t be an issue but the CM’s are lying about that sooo

There isn’t a single accessory in this game that is worth 100k.


For real. 1 week for 1 item.

There are, it just depends on if the person is willing to spend that much for a perfect roll. 5/3 with grudge, cursed doll, keen blunt or class specifics, will sell for well over 50k+ if high quality and the right stat

still getting ban right ? and some post from CM said they can make the gold minus ?? (posted already by CM that you mention)
do AGS have to shown information how much player get banned to us ??
if you truly did the right thing u said , what make you reply with raging bullcrap word?
and what reason about tell us about free bot program for download ?,
you visiting forums and discord about what you saw? do we have to know ? same as AGS do, i believe they do some research before make decision as you do ( make reference before post )
BOT and RMT is an issue for AGS (there’s also about boosting party), but they more know about you with their risk management to handle and what it have to be priority?