What about RMTers?

Theres some relic acc that are worth 100k example: mayhen 3 MT 5 if it’s a necklace with crit and swiftnes can reach 200-300k easily

A relic necklace with heavy armor/ awakening with swiftnes and spec is worth more than 100k too

i don’t know what gibberish you are talking but i try to answer…

  1. still getting a 1 to 3 day ban and perma ban isnt the same… RMTer getting a 1 day ban and keeping the gold are doing it again…
  2. GM saying vs. screenshots of actual RMTers… id believe my eyes and word of a RMTer that bought 2 million gold and have over 800 hours played and still not banned or 1 day banned then a GM
  3. Yes we do need to know and the reason me saying about the bot is because these people are sharing a FREE BOT script/program for actualy players to run infinit dungeons for their mains if you dont get punished the what is stopping other players from downloading these programs/scripts ?
  4. they do research? BOTs and RMTers are a obvious problems and there is no research needed for someone to say that there are more BOTs then actualy players…

As usual, none of the RMTers are affected in the slightest and the seemingly only stupid ones are the non-RMTers :)))))

That’s quite presumptive of you. Do you have any evidence? You do realize that players are spending $1,000s via the IN GAME shop and “maxing out” their gear. So unless you have proof that these players are using RMT (third party), then you should probably just stop making baseless accusations

Where are you getting this info from? Just making it up like everyone else?

I’m obv talking about third party… yes i’d suggest you doing some “research” on the forums of people using/sharing bots and buying gold/selling account before acting like a smartass…

Join literally any top guild on a server which are always full of RMTers and you tell me if you see people getting banned, cause I sure don’t. Many top guilds even openly talk about RMTing on their Discords. I’m guessing the only people still taking whatever copium you are don’t know any RMTers on a PERSONAL basis.

LOL. Okay. All hearsay. Got it! Pretty sound evidence you have there.

I am not going to say that RMT doesn’t happen. Pretty sure it does, but to suggest that the biggest issue isn’t the fact that the game is “Pay to Access Content” (putting extreme pressure to pay $$$ for honing), and that the class release schedule are not the biggest problems with the game is just incorrect.

Biggest issue is Pay to access ?? and class release ?? and not BOT’s and RMTers ? are you living under a rock ? and here i am taking you seriously and answering… I’m free to play and right now i do hard Valtan… what is stopping you ?

  1. Understanding Account Penalty Types
    • warnings
      Warnings are provided for minor infractions against the Code of Conduct. With a
      warning you receive a notification of an infraction when you sign into the game, but
      you don’t receive any type of in-game suspension. A warning is an opportunity for
      you to check your behavior and align with the standards you agreed to adhere to
      when playing our games. If you’ve received a warning, we encourage you to refresh
      yourself on the guidelines in our Code Of Conduct

    • temporary suspensions
      A temporary suspension can result when you commit an infraction against the Code
      of Conduct. The infraction was deemed severe enough to temporarily suspend you
      from playing the game. The behavior leading to temporary suspension can include
      repeated minor infractions, or more severe violations of the Code of Conduct. A
      temporary suspension ranges from 24-168 hours, depending on the severity of the
      infraction and past behavior.

      While we do not wish to remove players from the game, we’re dedicated to
      maintaining a safe, fun, and fair environment within our games. If you’ve recently
      received a temporary suspension, we recommend reviewing the Code of Conduct
      to ensure that you don’t commit additional infractions that could result in a
      permanent ban from the game.

    • permanent bans
      If you believe that have you incorrectly received a penalty, you can appeal by
      following the steps [here](https://www.amazongames.com/en-us/support/lost-
      ark/articles/appeal-a-ban). There are no other channels for appealing your penalty.
      Filing multiple appeal tickets won’t expedite the appeal process, and we won’t
      review an appeal request more than once

      even support still give you chance to appeal it if are wrongly banned


  1. if you watching porn, do you have to share it or keep it ??
    Free Bot script / programs is outside of authority devs or publisher of the game,
    back to your choice take it or leave it ( about free bot script or game ) and do it
    with your own risk even some CM mention not to cheating right ? why u not take
    the right side rather stand still on worng side ?
    may i ask a question " do you download Bot free script / program " ?
    i am choose no to do it, no one here tell you to download it right ?

  2. what do you think B.O.T. is more then actual player ? can u shown the data as AGS
    can do ?
    if AGS show us the data about player that you think they are more BOTs or RMT?
    AGS have their own way to solve it and of course based on data not feelings

What is stopping me? My class isn’t even in the fucking game!
Bots are a problem, not denying that. But to keep throwing red herrings that RMTer’s are not getting punished, is just distracting from the real issues.

The reason there are so many bots, are because there are almost no barriers to prevent said bots. The game is free to make an account and EAC is a complete joke. People have suggested for a long time that 2FA could be far more effective.

Oke you are talking gibberish again…

If you are saying that there are less bots then actualy players then first you might need to come out under the rock you are living past months and even then i wont even take you serious to answer…

RMTers are not getting punished… just go to uncle google and search click on the first forum you are seeing and look at the posts… there are people who bought millions with thousand hours played let alone getting banned no they are encouraing other players to do it they are even sharing free bots… i have some screen shots but i wont share it… just ask your uncle google it will be the first thing youll see…

As long as the RMTers are not getting punished (not talking about 1 -3 day ban, i mean PERMA ban) Banning bots will do nothing… BOTS will always come back… as long as there is demand there will always be supply… RMTers are the core of the problem…

Class release isnt the problem here, if they dont fix this asap it soon will be a dead game and there will be nobody to play those new classes…

It’s easy to catch RMTers.

A month ago there were around 150k -200k Bots now its double that number… why is it increasing ? because more and more people are buying gold from third party because they are not getting punished…

And you think legit players want to wait until 2023 to play their main class? Especially when one of the “unreleased” classes was in beta.

RMTers do far less harm than AGS/SG are doing to the game by “drip feeding” classes, going back on promises. Just because you catch a few RMTers who didn’t get banned (yet), doesn’t mean they haven’t banned (and substracted gold from) thousands of others.

BOTS on the other hand are a problem. That’s not the same as RMTers (assuming you are referring to people who are buying gold). Bots can and should be dealt with. But AGS haven’t got the memo that they bypass Easy Anti Cheat (the only thing this does, is cause 5 min load times for legit players). And, as I already said, they should implement a login 2FA so these bots can’t just programmatically create accounts and log in.

It’s increasing because the game allows it. Bots will ramp up more and more as long as the game doesn’t have any serious measures to prevent them. Look at KR, for example. They verify KSSNs and it stops it for the most part. We may not be able to verify SSNs, but we can certainly do the next best thing and verify a human by using a 2 factor auth.

or remove the gold and a warning. If they do it a second time it is a permabanned

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Thats what i am saying there are obv solutions for BOTs… 1 example is the authentication… so why do we still have this problem ? and why is it increasing because they they dont care… banning couple people wont solve anything… even then they lift the ban after a month in most cases…

My main class is also not in the game yet but as long as there is a bot and rmt problem i couldnt care less about the new classes because as long as this keeps happening cant speak for others but I wont be here to play it…