What about server capacity and queue

looking at the guild’s choise preview we can see that the most popular servers are kadan and zinnervale with a popolution of 6-7k or more ( with approximation of 30 players per guild). My question is:
Anyone knows about the server capacity?

on old games that i played usually was around 5k players

well i read somewhere that amazon had more capacity than the KR servers but they don;t have the same quality…and new world had like 2k limit? so maybe 5k-7k limit/server?

Gonna be same as KR, capacity depends on how good is server side code to handle such loads. And that is same as in KR

New world had a 2k limit because the game world was meant for 500 players lol stop comparing new world to real MMOs….


Also alot of the guilds have 500+ members.

The beta had 80k players on 1 server.

this game is way more populair then New World and i think they have learned from the New World issues. I highly doubt there are server limits. Since Lost Ark uses channels for player distribution

For example this is how a server in Lost Ark works

  1. Example server (Trixion)
  2. Channel 1 (Trixion) limit players 5k if that limit is reached
  3. Channel 2 opens (and that keeps happening )until server is at max capacity
  4. Server limit reached (You can’t join the server until people leave)
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New world is mostly one persistant zone though. This game is mostly instanced (with channels in public zones). I’ve heard the servers are much much larger. Still would like to know the size limits if they exist though.

@Roxx if you are listening…

Server capacity for launch must be at least 200% of pre-order amount. Please consider articulating this to the team through whatever channel you can. This is a huge concern considering the 60-streamer contest and all their followers that will come along with it. Additionally, some big-name content creators are joining the launch and they will bring a horde, even if it is just for a few weeks after launch. The rest of us shouldn’t suffer because of this.

AGS failed on their first impression with the New World launch. To fail again will implant in the brains of players for any other AGS-published or launched game that the launch period will be a failure.

Keep in mind, most organized guilds will all start on Feb 8, regardless of size. Anyone not starting at this time has chosen to be left out - make new servers for them. They made their choice.

That being said, some of those waiting will hop on the headstart by buying at least a bronze founder’s pack. That is why it is crucial to have a capacity well above the ordered amount.

Will be fun to see if Valtan can hold OCE community players, AGS server will be tested :wink:
When it failed…

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Server Populations (Source)

We are in the process of increasing population caps now.

We are opening a new server for the EU region

Please be aware there are also servers available in each region that do not have current queues

While you may experience queue times on some servers as they begin to fill up, please be aware that there are servers in each region with no or low queue times that you can join if you want to get in-game and enter Arkesia more quickly!

Not developed by AGS …but Published and handled by AGS …


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20k queues, maybe arround 5k player limit per server and they only open one server so far…

What the f**

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Which server / datacenter are you planning to play if you mind me asking

I can only offer an estimation.

1.3M peak on 55 servers total. 200k total players of that in queue on EU servers counting as players. Assuming even distribution and no queues elsewhere. Equals a minimal server capacity of 20k players per server.

Obviously players are never evenly distributed and I also have no clue, if these servers are physical or virtual. So take this number as a uninformed best guess.

This is overwhelmingly too low players count per server… Is that a typo? you mean 200k at least? I heard Korean server have like 300k so western server SHOULD have more capacity.

But 20k is still better than 2k NW server limit but again it still not enough… if what you are saying is true then 20k is a joke and AGS failed misseably at this launch… AGAIN

It is the minimum under the given assumptions for these named servers appearing in the selection screen.

We can take that 200k and see, if it explains anything. 1.3M players at peak. Assuming 200k capacity. That would mean Europe would be good with 3 servers and 4 for all the rest and no queues. This does not describe well what we are experiencing right now.

Adding to that, there are currently 19 named servers displayed for Europe and 15 for South America (Server Status | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG). Based on the largest common denominator this does not work out assuming 200k servers.

6 hours queue would also be in line with 20k to 40k capacity servers, if they are 100% over capacity with 20k players in queue. Because that would hint at 3 to 6 hours of playtime and that sounds realistic at launch.

However, all of this is speculative and could be wrong.

Interesting math calculation… even if it’s just speculation… we all agree that server capacity is extremely low right now… hence the server queue