What am I missing about T3 enhancing?

Okay, so I finally made it to 1302 gear score. Steam says less than 1% of players have done that so far, so I’m excited about that. I’m currently sitting at 1312…and when I enhance, I only get a five-level increase (1310 to 1315). Is that right? Does that five-level increase go up at some point? We’ve been hearing that Argos raid is coming soon, with initial gear score requirement of 1370. So, that means to get to 1370 from where I am now, that will be 69 successful enhancements (11+ levels x six pieces of gear). With the failure rate coming into play for me in a couple levels, I’m looking at maybe 100 or so total attempts. So, at my current rate, I should hit the required 1370 in six months or so? If someone has gone through this process before, would you please enlighten me? I must be missing something…

When the argos update comes out, they release a huge continent (south vern), questing there gives you a bunch of mats. But T3 is a long haul, meant to just succeed by failing

You arent really missing too much. 1370 is +15 on your gear. Its gonna take a long time to reach I wouldnt say 6 months but a couple of weeks atleast if you’re fully free to play.

Although you’re gonna find that it’ll take alot more than 100 total attempts. The % chance for successful honing drops down to 30 then down again to 15 from 1355 ilevel. Personally ive hit pity on my of my pieces (10? failures without a success) and I’m only 1360.

Alot of progress is going to depend on two factors. One, how much gold you’ve stockpiled and are willing to spend. At the moment on the valtan server each optimal honing attempt for me is around 45-50k gold for a weapon and 25-35k gold for an armor piece and two how many alts you’re working on. At the current moment I have 3 alts in t2 and a couple in t1. I could have 2 in t3 if I put more time and effort into it but I work fulltime so I cant. But each alt will provide maybe 30-50% of the raw materials required to progess through t3 for your main.

The game is a marathon in t3 and you will burn out if progression is the only thing that matters to you.

Wow. I guess T3 is where the magic happens! lol Akrasia Express, anyone? Thanks for the detailed reply.