What am I missing for completion of Tortoyk?

As you can see from my picture all is checked as ready but why only 96,9%?

Normal mode dungeons


Really you need to do both?
Ok i’ll try that, thanks!

Jup normal mode dungeon

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you need to do dungeons in normal AND in hard mode yep.
this goes for any region.

NM : left helm will get blue (when completed)
HM : right helm get red (when completed)

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Ah, it is nice to see some peaceful topics as well :smiley:

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Well, let’s share our peaceful moments in LA then!


Worked like a charm… thanks for the help!

It’d be a little more peaceful without those red lifebars back there.

yeah i really dont understand the logic behind it but you need to do both normal and hard … doesnt matter if you did hard …
yeah it doesnt make much sense does it?!

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