What Amazon waiting?

Why Amazon doesnt make any publicity about the game ? Did I miss something ? They already giving up ?

Why would you make publicity when you don’t need it? This is not Crowfall. Lost Ark has been on best sales for f2p category on steam for weeks now.


oh yea ? never spotted it on steam…

Is too early for advertising this type of game. But they did a trailer recently that is already over 250k views. For a game like this if you want to advertise it it must be done 1 week before release. Because a lot of people will want to jump immediately and they will earn anyway from a F2P through cosmetics. So if they will do any serious marketing it will be from early February or even post release.
Keep in mind that Lost Ark is so good that it received 6 game awards in Korea in 2018. So a lot of content creators will want to work on it because is good “just watch the IGN preview and you will understand”. So probably they count on youtubers and twitch streamers to push the game mainstream.


Waiting for OCE server release announcement (*wink wink- nudge nudge) :wink:

Ad Blitz would boost initial sign up but not necessarily the total players that play it over the game lifetime. It is also expensive.