What are Challenge Abysses?

Image is from the recent youtube video on the Lost Ark channel

What are they and when are they :slight_smile:

Same as challenge guardians. Lower tier abyss with normalized stats. We don’t know whe, we should’ve had it already.

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Imagining redoing phantom palace again without overgeared carries sounds like some good fun.

Do you suppose it would offer similar loot to challenge guardians or maybe something in the vein of abyss dungeons like card packs, crafting mats, and class engraving accessories?

I honestly have no idea, but loot should be similar to guardians.

Would be nice to revisit some old raids without stomping them.

They’re “heroic” abyss’s that you’re scaled down for that are weekly and give legendary chance/pick card packs and materials.

Nice teaser, I wonder what else they might have ‘hidden’ in that video, sincd it’s basically confirmed now that they use these videos as teasers for the more vigilant fans

It is . I love them . Don’t remember the loot , but i think it’s different from the challenge guardians but still good .

It will be pain doing alaric though pls no gates of paradise :sob:

I think you get a chance to bid on legendary card selection packs in there!! $$$

Selection packs every week? Nah

idk about fun lol. Gives me ptsd from the kinds of players I had the pleasure of being mm into.

its not a teaser or a leak, its known since day 1 that we are lacking that piece of content currently.

yes abyss trials are the first piece of content that have selection card packs on their loot table - and they get auctioned for tens of thousands of gold if they end up dropping. So either you get one or you get mad cash from the auction! They also drop cardpacks which have a narrowed down cardpool to get you a card you want, just liek boosterpacks in other cardgames

thats why you dont mm in endgame content, just create groups, check peoples characters and roster level - it cuts down on the chances of you having a frustrating experience by so much its actually insane - just pretend the mm button doesnt exist, its horrible.

yes and we were missing ark pass until it was teased in another video like this so its a teaser

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t1/t2 is hardly endgame lol.

it becomes endgame when you get scaled down to that ilvl, Im gonna call it now, you will have a terrible time with matchmaking at the sword mechanic or the door mechanic in phantom palace xD

I think it’s a drop chance