What are differences between Scrapper Taijutsu Crit and Swift?

My scrapper Taijutsu alt at 1340 with main crit stats. I’m curious about swift build but have no idea about their trade off vs crit main stat, how does it feel compare to each other. I kinda want to try swift when she reach 1370.

Anyone played both please share you experience, analysis. I very much appriciated.

If you go for swiftness build you will get more atk/move speed and cooldown reduction of your
skill wich will allow to spam them more often but you will be hitting less crits for the lack
of critical rate that the crit stat gives you, you will have to compensate with engravings
like adrenaline or maybe precise dagger to achieve the same crit rate on a swift build

I think crit is better for raid fights like Valtan/Argos where there are times when you have to disengage from boss to run from mechanics which give your abilities time to recharge and swift is better for basically everything else because being faster in general is more convenient.

Prog raid is basically what you SHOULD be gearing for if you plan to raid because that is the really only tough end game stuff you’re gonna do. You don’t really need to maximize your gear for running guardian raids, islands or chaos dungeons.

If you plan to raid on that character, go crit, if you want to use it as a farm alt, go swift.

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I probably should go trixion to test out dps.

In term of survivability in raid, do you think 30% in swift is enough, i’m not a very good player (slow reaction time, high ping). Does 70% swift build deal less dps in trade off with survivability. In term of popularity, do people discriminate against swift build, would i have trouble finding party in pug.

I don’t have a lot of alts, so my intention is to do raids with her for the gold.

Thing is, when you look at korean build, is that they mostly build Shock training but among those who play Taijutsu, they all build swift build.

I lately asked myself the same question and couldn’t find a korean or a guide who actually explain the pro and con of each build.

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Yeah, i think swift build would suits me better. If swift buid does similar dps to crit build then there is no reason to go with crit, cuz switf probably will have higher survivability. But if swift build does less dps i afraid people will just denied her to join raid, cuz scrapper dps already isn’t the great.

Crit does more damage until you get argos set and level 3 adrenaline at which point you can go to a 50/50 split on crit and swiftness or (depending on your gems for cdr) a 70/30 split in favor of swiftness.
Higher swiftness and gems also allow you to use earthquake chain instead of continuous push since you won’t need that filler to wait for cooldowns and can just spam your skills the whole fight.
I went for a 60/40 split in favor of crit because it lets me leave out adrenaline and use ambush master instead, works really well so far.


60/40 sound very nice, what is your engraving setup and pet buff? I don’t mind ambush master, 40% swift probably what i want.

Pet is hp and crit, engravings are 4x3 taijutsu, grudge, keen blunt, ambush master.
Skills are Roundup sweep, synergy skill (not 100% sure which I wanna use I swap them to test sometimes, battering fists, iron cannon blow, charging blow, dragon advent, earthquake chain, death rattle.


Thank you, i will try your build.

It’s pretty obvious, scrappers have too much crit that they go over the crit cap so u remove crit stat so ur above 75% but under 90% (in case u get a GS in ur party) then pump rest into swift, thats it.

Crit does more dmg till 1415/1445 then it’s starting to get somewhat equal. With the latest balance changes it looks like 50/50 will be meta afaik. Currently I’m playing full swift because it’s more fun for me and I will start optimizing when I have the full relic set to test in trixion


I offer you a gameplay of Scrapper Taijutsu Swift crit on Vykas hm. The three phases are on my channel. I’m French but don’t hesitate to ask me in English :slight_smile: . My stuff, my burns, my set, my cards are in the description of each video.

Je vous propose un gameplay de Scrapper Taijutsu Swift crit Sur Vykas hm. Les trois phase son sur ma chaine. Mon stuff, mes gravures, mon set, mes cartes sont dans la description de chaque vidéo.


Crit is more consistent in terms of damage but swift is smoother to play.

It’s hard to say which build is stronger right now but I do think it’s close. In general alot of korean scrappers are closer to 50/50 where they try to stay around 65%-70% crit. We’ll be able to get better testing once the better Trixion comes into play.

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It’s up to preference.

Higher swift means you have higher stagger and movement.

Higher crit means you have slightly higher damage.

Swiftness is little and more consistence dps.

Crit is bigger and takes more skill to weave in your skills to get the highest dps out.

It really is all preference. The reason I chose crit and so does KR meta is that in end game you don’t really need high swiftness because they’re so many mechanics or cut scenes or boss switches where your waiting and or dodging or doing mechanics instead of attacking. So you don’t really have issues with cooldowns. Another thing is that on taijitsu if you have too much swiftness you will run out of yellow gauge too fast so you’d need to add an extra green skill.

If your okay with that, and thus slightly less dps since your dps comes from yellow skills - let’s say you like green skill a bit and like being fast - then go swiftness.

If you wanna min max your skills and rotation for a slightly more specific and challenging play style go crit.

Taijitsu is one of the few you can tweak your ratio all day to whatever you feel comfortable with - even a 50/50 split etc.

As for KR both crit taijitsu and shock are more popular due to relic and ancient sets where supports give you a ton of swiftness so there’s really no reason to go swift build in end game. But before 1445 and when your more new to the game going swiftness is a bit easier and safer to play. That being said scrapper has like the third higher HP so she’s pretty tanky!

Hope this helped!

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Once you get relic accesories and entropy set you will balance crit and swift so that your skills come of cooldown perfect in your rotation like 50/50 or 60/40… before 1445 just take as much swift that is needed for gameplay to feel smooth and keep crit good enough for keen blunt weapon…

When I was below 1415 i tried all Swift and switch to all Crit then switch to half half then went 700 swift rest crit.(I stop my progress item level wise to play around with it lol).
I found that 800 swift is the sweet spot specially when your taking your time building your engravings, you can have 4x3 on TAI, grudge, keen, ambush. and add adrenaline along the way till 5x3, if you feel like you need more swift while you add adrenaline with RING you make it swift to have half half. with 800 Swift and 1200 crit your about 75% crit rate(w/o adrenaline).
this is all base on preference though, you will have to find your own sweet spot. i get MVP alot when i was 60/40crit, now im pure swift AGAIN but its a mistake i did since i messed up something and failed to realize it.