What are Paragon Tokens?

Anyone here knows what Paragon Tokens are and how to get them?
Only thing i found out from the text ingame is that you can exchange for silver but I have no idea how to get them…

@Roxx Maybe you can help :slight_smile:


the Item has no corresponding item under the same ID in KR/RU/JP-Version.
So it either is explicit for our “western version” and was already prepared for future content or it will be removed with a future update, bc it was just a placeholder/mistake, that they included.

Either way, there is no explanation or way to gather it right now. I assume from the text, that it would be by finishing Una’s Tasks for one the Adventurer’s guilds and getting those instead of/additional to Una Tokens, but they would exchange for silver instead of gold.

This would also make sense designwise, cause it’s the same item, just in bronze color, than silver. Also shares the same type of limitatinos and description.
Also the paragon token is the following up Item ID (released as ID 70800102)

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They’re removing Una gold to replace it with this item for silver.

One by one, first rapport gold and now this. Eliminate new players and casuals, target has always been heavy spenders, using “combating bots” as an excuse.


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