What are the Bots Doing?

Its that simple, what are the bots doing in game to make money? if endless chaos isnt a thing anymore what else are they doing? and wouldnt the simple answer just to remove mailing gold for a little bit just to see if works? I know this would create a issue with people getting gold for bussing Guardians/Abyssals/Legion Raids but waking up to a 8k queue time in the west is getting a little old. I love the game but you cant just hop on and do a few things before work anymore…

If one bot can do the following…

  1. Weekly Una tokens to exchange for the gold box
  2. Daily 2x Chaos Dungeon Aura
  3. Not get caught for 30 days as an example and get the gold rapport

Imagine 400,000 - 600,000 bots doing it and funneling it back to the bot farm companies who then sell the gold.

Removal of mailing gold is ok, but that doesn’t address how some if not most of them sell via the auction house. There are t1 items or such going for absurd prices from 100,000 to 10,000,000 gold lol.

Different bot teams do different things. There’s no way to remove their gold income without removing everything from the game.

There are other ways to xfer gold: run an instance together as 2p and then bid a ton on the items that drop at the end, sell through auction house, personal trading, etc.

They removed very early game gold sources which is good. The main issue is there are bot accounts that have existed since march and not been banned. At that point there’s nothing you can remove from the game to slow them down, because they exist the same as any player.

yeah but who is buying t1 gear for 100,000 Gold :joy: most of the player base is in T3. whats the logic behind it?

t1 gear supposedly doesn’t cost any pheons

So it’s a perfect item to use to move the gold over to the buyer side of RMT.

so players are selling t1 gear and bot companys are buying them?

It’s vice versa lol.

The bot companies accumulate all the gold they have and now they want to sell.
RMt players want to buy the gold.

Bot companies sell t1 gear to transfer the gold over to players

Bot companies don’t need to buy the gold because they can easily generate gold.
Players want to buy the gold because they cannot easily generate gold.

strange. Sounds like they should just add Pheons to T1 items… not like anyone is buying them anyways.

That doesn’t solve the fundamental problem which are bots.

The key to solving the issue entirely is just lockdown every single server> do the ban waves to get rid of active and sleeping bot accounts > invest and redevelop their registration process by converting it to how alpha/close beta games lets in new players while being a filter against mass bot production.

This essentially brings to an end to how easily bots can make gold to sell to RMT. Eventually their supply runs out, demand still exists and most people convert back to the certified market to purchase gold at bigger expensive prices enforced by AGS/SG cuz whales be whales.

AGS/SG for whatever weird reason refuses to do this extremely efficient approach and wants to continue doing whatever they been doing wasting time/resources/etc, but oh well their loss lol

Huh? If, by your logic, the bot sells the T1 item, how exactly does the player get his gold? The way you put it, the player would pay the bot the gold. Item to gold. In that sense, it’s exactly the other way around. Player sells the item for an absurd amount and the bot operator buys the item. Item gone, gold with the player.

Your logic is all over the place, people would be paying the bot farms with gold.

thats kinda what I was thinking too. Amazon should just put a 50 Pheon tax on T1 gear if thats how they are doing it.

But you know that Pheons will eventually run out if you use the market halfway often? To charge a fee of 50 pheons now would not be a solution in my opinion. With this solution, AGS would practically force the player to buy Pheons for real money, since otherwise no trade would be possible in the normal range.

well that might solve the problem either cuz if they already have 1mil plus gold they will just convert to blue crystal and buy more…

Unas task on their hundreds accounts, mostly. Why they do chaos dungeons ? Due to weekly chaos una task it is the easiest way to finish weekly una. Thats why you see hindreds of bots running CDs mats in t1 and t2 are worth nothing, so they dont care about it.

Oh you’re right I wasn’t thinking carefully lmao whoops.

To re-clarify,

players put up the item and then bot companies buy it because they have the gold my bad.


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Im gonna be gone for work most of the day today ^^ i just want my attendance man :)) and rewards. well imma kiss that goodbye. as a Crystaline aura user. this problems everyday is unacceptable. its like WOW subs but u cant play the game all day when you are paying customer.

thats what im saying… I just wanted to do my chaos dungeons before work :joy:

There seems to be a few types of bots.
-Unas (Toto Silver and Gravis have them run through if you want a look see)
-rapport (Blackfang?)
-farming tome collectibles
-leveling (these can be repurposed once they reach the desired ilvl) and questing (these are the ones you’ll see on Opher and Atlas)
-I understand they also sell gem chests?
-Chaos gates/abyss dungeon/abyss raids and you’ll also see guardian raid parties with obviously a controller to carry them through.

I’m not sure why they also do cubes and boss rushes. But mainly they’re just griefing us all with queues and inactives in cubes/boss rush/chaos gates.

Well, aside from it screwing over legitimate new players who can’t use their stronghold to its full extent, because nearly everything there needs gold.
I switched servers after that change, and it was not a fun time to get started with the game.

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