What are the chances we get Glaivier this week?

I am really hopeful that we get Glaivier this week :slight_smile: What do you guys think? My bet is that we won’t, and it will be the last week of April, but I am sooo ready to play my main class finally!

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99.9% since you know they usually do big update middle of month when daily log in expires while all other weeks of the months are minor bug fixes


Yeah, while I agree with what you said, I am afraid that there will be postponements, which have happened before. And looking at the last big update, it was the 3rd week of March if I recall correctly?

last 2 months’ big updates was on the week where daily log in expired iirc
i dont remember it being delayed

its more accurate of me to say on the renewal of login event instead of mid of month since it could either be 2nd week or 3rd week of the month since theres usually 4 weeks but yea, big update usually roll out when old login event expires

I really hope you’re right :slight_smile: I am cautiously optimistic nonetheless!

While I do hope they release lance master this week, I wouldnt mind another week of naruni rewards lol

same as honing. 0% or 100%.

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Event ends next reset right are we still going to be able to buy from naruni exchange?

man i hope glavier/lance master is this week.

im getting really bored of hoarding materials and doing dailies waiting for a class i want to play to come out. Just want to get ‘settled’ already if that makes sense aha.

Lets see what happens ^^

I’m not sure honestly. You are better off asking rox

Arkesia Grand Prix: Will the vendor remain available next week? - General Discussion / General Discussion - Lost Ark Forums (playlostark.com)

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Would you happen to know when the coins expire?

Optimistically, they could have extended the event token duration by 1 week so we could buy 1 weeks worth of rewards for the Lancer.

Neutral outlook, every large patch so far has come with the rolling over of the login event, so it’s pretty safe to assume it would come with the new login event calendar.

Cynically, we’re a few days away from the login event roll over and they still haven’t given a date. Technically April 28th (the day all the event honing books expire) is still in April so they can hold it off an additional week without ‘lying’ about the timeframe.

Bro imagine, everyone is going to be pissed. Probably why they said Valtan in may tentative.

Only have streamer word for it so take with grain of salt, but watched video that said won’t be this week.

Showed comment from dev saying will definitely be this month but for sure won’t be on 14th

So unless they do an off cycle maintenance, doubt it will be on 15th, 16th etc it either 21st or 28th

Do you have the source you got it from?

At 0.57 second mark he shows screenshot of post from Roxx saying not this Thur (which would be the 14th) but this month

Ah, this post of roxx talked about the 4/7 not this week :wink:

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I am very optimistic like 80% shure :slight_smile:

Hmm, well like I said not vouching for this streamer. No idea who he is, just clicked random YouTube when searching on glavier builds.

But right after 0.57 sec mark he specifically mentions “so it won’t be this 14th” and could be any day after.

Did he get the post dates from roxx wrong then? Was it some older post he assumes was for “this week” meaning some weeks prior?