What are the downsides of using ambush master on a pinnacle glavier?

What am I missing? most of her skills are back attacks so why not use it? other then having to pursue boss’s bootie, what are the cons? there are back attack classes already so why would glavier be different?

can somebody help me?

From a KR guide I got this:

Base 4 engravings:
Keen Blunt
Cursed Doll

And then the choice for 5th engraving, sorted by dps descending:

Raid Captain > Increased Mass > All-out attack > Adrenaline > Precise Dagger > Spirit Absorption

There is no word about Ambush Master, I am also not playing Glaivier main, but I think if you can like, always back attack, then Ambush Master should be a viable option as well

nice data! thanks for the link

So there are a handful of reasons why back attack classes are back attack classes. In order it basically rolls out to

  1. Needs crit. Back Attack Gives a 10% crit Chance bonus
  2. Bulk of their damage is loaded into a few spells that happen to be back attack or front attack so they go Earths Entropy. And if you are going to go Earths Entropy you might as well go Ambush Master.
  3. They have the mobility and quick animations to stay on the back the majority of the time. This would be your scrappers and Control Glaiviers.

Pinnacle kinda doesn’t care about any of these.

  1. They get max crit from tripods and Pinnacle itself.
  2. They have a pretty wide spread of damaging abilities with pretty long charge times and animations.
  3. They actually fall under this category pretty well. Pinnacle can probably keep the uptime on back.

Honestly it’s mainly the crit issue that’s likely keeping pinnacle from going for Ambush Master and the fact that they use Nightmare really well. I feel like EE Ambush Master Pinnacle is an option tho. It’s likely a little weaker unless you play extremely well.

I wouldn’t mind testing this out actually when the improved trixion drops and I unlock set transfer on my glaive.


Very nice answer, my glavier is just 1370 so not sure about some of the endgame stuff like those sets, but what i see is that pinnacle has good mobility too and the red skills, which would be the main damage output, are also back attacks so I don’t quite understand why control use it but pinnacle don’t. As for example keen blunt is staple on pinnacle build and mainly for the red skills due to the 100% crit but ambush would benefit both, blue ‘n’ red is it not? and for the crit, her debuff is really good

And sorry but what do you mean by “EE”, explosive expert? xD

Ambush master would be fine with pinnacle glavier because almost all of the main spells are back attack.
The problem the bosses. If you cant hit the boss in the back then you kinda waste 1 engraving. Sometimes its pretty hard for back attack in legion raids. Thats why its not recommended to use.

As @Sophomore said the 4 basic is Pinnacle, Grudge, Keen Blunt, Cursed Doll.

The fifth engraving is depends on how many red skill you use. If 2 then you can go for Mass Increase but be aware, that the recent korean patch will increase every red skill dmg with 6,6% so the blue build will not worth it and you need to go for 3-4 red skill. So instead of Mass Increase you need to use Raid Captain as the 5th engraving.

Thanks, I’m considering that build, right now I’m using 3 red skills but for that build I would like to replace cursed doll with mass increase, form what I understand the catch is not using them at the same time so I’m more inclined to Mass cuz probably will be running spec/swift so the swift would negate the atk speed con and increase mov speed for raid capitain but the thing with this last one is that it only buffs those 3 red skills, right?

correct me if im wrong but i thought ambush master was for control glavier.

that’s the information I have too but I don’t understand why

https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/wbqrpi/a_discussion_about_scaling_issues_with_pinnacle/ This thread answers everything about Pinnacle. I’m switching my Glaivier to control at 1445 since I detest increased mass and having to use red skills outside of spear throw/starfall but it seems the only viable 5th engravings are increased mass/raid captain (3+ red skill build)

That’s great information, now I’m starting to see why ambush is prefered on control glavier, this gave some ideas to try, thanks!

Yeah I’ve had a long talk with the glaivier channel in the LA disc about it and consensus seems to be pinnacle is perfectly fine but at 1445 if you really want to invest and get a lot more stronger from the gold investment. control is much safer/stronger thanks to entropy + their engraving choices being really solid and the gameplay doesn’t feel as clunky since you have so much swiftness.

I wouldnt say Control is stronger nor weaker. They are on kinda the same powerlevel. I prefer Pinnacle because Control is boring for me.

The class itself is mid between the DPS classes.

how they are on the same level when pinnacle have way more crit rate and 50% crit power from buffs ?

On relic level they kinda do the same dmg (maybe pinnacle slightly more but not much).
Yes you get crit rate but with pinnacle you go spec+swift and control u go swift+crit. You will use more spells with control in the same time then pinnacle because you have faster attack speed, lower cd with almost the same engravings.
But here is a Reddit comment that write it down right: https://www.reddit.com/r/lostarkgame/comments/w2sz3j/comment/igs8js4/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

Not sure about powerlevel but personally I don’t like to lose skills so haven’t reserched anything about control and so I prefer pinnacle too.

I’ll be practicing my butt chasing skills to see if ambush master is worth for me, if not then I guess raid capitain will be next

Glaivier control have a few builds, with the strongest (requiring more experience) being going ambush master + entrophy, but u can also if u don’t main it but wanna have a decent and strong easy alt, build it with 4pc dominion 2 nightmare and forget ambush master, glaivier crit pretty often even outside back attack buff, which make removing keep blunt (people will go wild now) and putting even spirit absorption makes it feel better and combo very well with raid capt, pinnacle have not much choices, even with kr buff it still lack what control have = choices, weapon swap animation is not fast, then u have to charge the spear, that takes a precious few seconds just to use a single skill, while a very good entrophy class like shock scrapper can do her full rotation in the same time.

So, how would your build look like? Control, grudge, spirit absorption, raid capitan and ?

Control goes crit/swift, right? does she cap mov speed with that? not sure about SA with glavier tho…

i use spirit absorption on mine, work just fine, it changes the pacing of the class, ofc swapping to adrena gives more dps, but for a alt i rather enjoy the gameplay than tryhard the max dps possible, so my build goes with control, grudge, raid and spirit, if 5 engraving, adrena goes to 5, with 2 night 4 dominion it work like a charm, back attack itself (without any engraving or entrophy) increases ur crit rate, but honestly for glaivier control, if u are not invested into the ‘‘i must go behind at all cost’’ meta, u can just play it braindead, control is not a burst class, theres no semi burst like pinnacle, so ambush + entrophy job is to make it stronger since it feels weak, control playstyle is similar to reflux full swiftness, if you with 2 night/4domin or even 4 night/2domin can have a dps uptime higher than a control ambush + entrophy, u will end doing basically the same or closer dps.

Oooooh very nice! I’ll give it a thought, I have to give those sets a closer look, thanks for thw tips!