What are the fastes mounts?

does the rarity matters? and which are the best skills? the short or longer dash?

Rarity does not matter, all mounts are same speed now.

what do you mean with “now” ? was in in the past different?

Yes, I think they did this change around global release, before that it was based on rarity of mount.

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All mounts are essentially the same. Except for founder one. The double jump is the best speed skill.

Before above asks. Double Tap dodge (spacebar) or just hold it down. Both works.


I’m partial to the Mokoko board’s spacebar dash myself.


i didnt know there was a skill like that. i just have the free mounts

can i sell my founders mounts

Most mounts have movement skills, it’s just either on the skill bar or space bar. I think the free horses fall under the latter.

If you already used it no

:frowning: figured

deathblade is the fastest mount

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can you show me that mount? i dont know them all

Yea so far Cerberus is the fastest by a tiny margin given how easy it is to get stuck on geometry.

You can only sell the one from the original Platinum pack not the 2nd one so most for sale are from players who likely intended to sell it in the first place. There was really no way to know they were going to make such a dumb and ineffective attempt to shuffle server sizes.

Doesn’t stop them from adding a later mount with longer dash + shorter animation though.
I use a horse for my Gunlancer just because of the looks despite having Cerberus.

It’s just the free horses, I was saying they fall into the latter category where they have a space bar dash as opposed to one of the skill keys.

Typically the red mounts go faster.

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The rarity of the mounts determines how far your mounts skills go.

A legendary mount is going to dash/sprint noticeably further than a green, for example.

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bots seem to have the fastest mounts, speed feet!

joiking aside i ride the white scarab as his 6 legs sound like you are going fast :smile:

3x as fast

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I’m my deathblades mount, she can mount me any day.