What are the Ideas for the existing EU Servers?


It would be nice, if there are any solution in consideration to “fix” the Server overpopulation.

  1. Without starting from 0 on another server/region
  2. Without loosing everything we spend real money for

I know the problems are allready known but.

  1. The head Start players spend alot of time to get progress on Server X or Y.
  2. Alot of them hoped to be able to play with the free 2 play firends.
  3. When free 2 play started, the servers were overpopulated allready
  4. it was forbidden to create new Characters for new players, on overpopulated Servers.
  5. A day later the servers got “opened” again

The allready overpopulated servers got even more players, because ppl wanted to play with the friends.

What happens next? There is no solution for the existing players.

I doubt that we will get any kind of Account transfer, which would be a solution which could fix the problem.

I doubt that it would be possible to split up the database for the EU reagion and “move” 1/2 or 1/4 of the Players to other hardware.

The news mentioned the new EU Region would be for new players. That is ok and I am fine with that. But what are the ideas for the existing servers? Just because new players can play somewhere else, doesn’t change the fact that alot of ppl want to play with the friends on the existing servers.

Any ideas?

My suggestion: “Account” transfer from Server X to Y. But like I mentioned before, I doubt that this will happen.

With best regards, shnoopx

They have run out of ideas for the existing servers - we are stuck with it until people get fed up and leave the game.

Having a 10k queue at 11.00am over a week after launch is just crazy.

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