What are the legendary odds for Legendary - Uncommon card pack?

In the store info page there are odds for Legendary - Epic, Legendary - Rare and any card pack but no info about Legendary - Uncommon.

While I know there are no Legendary - Uncommon sold directly in the store, I would like to know the confirmed odds to make an informed decision whether to do gold or card adventure island.

after googling it it seems theyre around 2%

they dont sell these in the store so smilegate just probably never stated the exact % i doubt ags even has it

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I would like to thanks @halfmoonslash for sharing this information and for help you with this question.

Regarding to this, I would create a ticket asking to the devs team about this to verify if we have any information related to the odds about Legendary - Uncommon card pack.

At the moment we know something from they, I will replying this post to let you know.

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