What are the max capacities for the servers?

Half of my friends and I will be starting during the 3 day head start, while the other half will start during F2P launch. Will they be able to join the same server or will it be at max capacity by then? A bit worried that it may be similar to what happened to New World where they had to join a low pop server until a free transfer was available so friends could not play together for a weeks. Thank you!


TBH, as a SA player and seeing two servers only, I’m a lil bit scared of servers capacities and long queues.
Hope we can see some update regarding that soon…

The server structure is completely different to New World, because Lost Ark uses channels to distribute the players. Iam unsure what the max capacity for each server is but its definitely a whole lot higher than what New World servers were capable of.


That’s good to hear! Hoping that means we could all join the same server regardless if they start during 3 day head start or not!

Population of players in SA is pretty small. Doubt it will be an issue.

I don’t have an exact cap to share, but wanted to point to this part of the article –

“Additional worlds may be opened based on population levels.” We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out and have spare servers ready to go in case of any needs.


Yeah I did see that, which is what New World did a bit after their launch to allow people to play. Just hoping that those starting on the 11th can have the ability to join the original servers to quest and play with friends without having to wait weeks for a transfer. However, thank you for the reply!


Do you think so? I’m seeing a BIG HYPE train here… but hope you’re right at least about it not being an issue. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your kind response!

Well just going by other mmo populations and such so I’ll admit I am guessing. Also, when a company is setting up servers a few things go into those calculations like pre-orders and such…
And… they almost always mess that math up and there are horrible Q times. Never mind, time to panic. hahahahaha

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Hahaha… you prob right, but we are talking about a FREE MMO what turns tables a lot down here in SA. But let’s hope for the best! Anxious for that !!

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Hope it goes awesome for you and we all have a fun launch day :smiling_face:

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Are west servers located in Oregon or Cali?

That’s what I would think would happen. However, that does have the potential to cause problems for some guild members. I’m thinking of the few who have to work, or have class, and can’t join a server right as it opens.

What people are asking is if the servers might be ‘hard-caped’? Where no more accounts can join that server…

The servers can be hard-capped. Like in KR, you can’t make an account as a newer player in the old servers that are populated. Within a server there are also channels you can switch between. The question is if these numbers is enough to handle so many people focusing on one or two servers. Since so far they’ve said they have new servers ready to open if needed, they are prob stuck at a cap at some point

Dam. Hope that the original servers on the 8th wont ALL be full by the 11th forcing people to pick newly opened servers.

Will new servers allow free server transfer when opened?

Given how server transfers went in their other game…I’d make sure to stick with the one you really want to play on even if there is a queue.

Don’t worry some of SA will play in NA East. SA server should be fine :slight_smile:

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I kindly ask Please Open OCE related name server since we ‘failed’ to get server at launch with no future plans. At least we know that’s where OCE community will play / reside.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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