What are the reasons for the lack of skins in the game?

I’m genuinely curious, because from a technical perspective, a lot of skins already exist. Maybe I’m wrong or naive, but what prevents them from being added to the game?

And from a business perspective, don’t you get more money by selling skins, rather than not selling them at all? I guess you can maybe sell more skins if you release them over time, because people could otherwise just buy the one they like if everything is released at the same time. But they can also wait/quit the game in the meantime, and I guess it’s better to sell skins when you have more than one million players like at launch, than when you have 300k. And obviously, no matter the strategy, you can’t get money from skins if you don’t release them.

So I’m really intrigued by what’s happening, especially when Lost Ark is known for its comestics. What are the reasons, if someone can explain without trolling of course?



They have to censor the skins and it takes time. It’s also why new classes will take time to release.

They can’t just copy and paste ya know.


Some skins were also released before some of the classes that we have now was so they’re having to have their art/design department make a skin for those classes before being able to release them.

Drip drip drip

Censoring skins would be spending time and money for something selling less, or not selling at all, and it would permanently destroy the remaining faith people could have in AGS. So it’s not good from any perspective.

Even if they would like to censor sexy skins, there are still tons of skins available, and we don’t get them either.

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I remember seeing a statement by the director somewhere, about them adding “options” for players who don’t want to use these skins. So, at the very least they probably are working on censored variants, if not full censorship. Full on censorship would be pretty nonsensical, but if they want to throw away money, and make this game a long term failure in the west - that’s on them.

serious question for ppl who waiting for skins…for what? Would you really spend real money for some cosmetic with basically 0 value? I mean, for what? That random ppl think you look cool in a game? i really started to ask myself “why would i spend my money on a cosmetic in a game which i will probably no play anymore in like half a year or so”…really curious why you all waiting so desperate for skins

To quote my brother, a married guy with 3 kids, “skins are what the people really care about are they crazy?”

To quote my friend “I probably won’t play this game for longer than 3 months if there isn’t sick skins”

To quote the playerbase of another MMO, phantasy star online “Cosmetics are the real endgame”.

Why do you think so many games have skins. It’s not just cuz they sell, that’s one part of it. Even games without cash shops have skins though. Why is that? It’s cuz people like to customize themselves.

Look at SoulCalibur for example. Some people literally played it only for the Create a Soul system where you could customize your own character. AGS thinks there’s more important things to work on than “selling their players skins”. But they don’t understand it’s the actual content a LOT of people give a crap about. It’s the same as wondering why people would want to have clothing options in real life or wondering why fashion companies exist. It’s because people like it.

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If you’re going by this logic, why spend money for progressing your character if you’re going to quit playing one day. It’s the same thing, you have people who enjoy making their characters stronger while others like to drip out their characters. Not to mention they give a little virtue stats as well.

yeah youre right, this is also ich thing i dont understand. Why waste money (and here i mean a lot of money) to push your character to a GS for not existing content aka 1400+? Or even to 1370? For Argos? You see it anyway in time but i guess ppl arent patient anymore. same stupid decision but i guess if you have the money and not know what to do with it…

My guess is they are creating artificial scarcety and release expensive skins little by little. No one would buy those packs if there is plenty of customization available for a cheaper price.
I don’t need the $20 undead warrior pack if I get a cute $2 vest for my bard.