What are the rumors regarding the update and the drops?

Will the jewelry be tradable now or not?

Idk why there are always rumors about the game but what would be the reason to make them non tradeable?

  1. U want to push the content fast as possible
  2. U don’t want to have a fast character grow.

So why should it be thing to make them untradable?

Why is it a thing T3 Armor is non tradeable?
Same thing here.

Armor items have nothing to do with accessorys. They should be tradeable yes, makes no sense if they are not.

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This its near impossible to find a full set of jewellery by urself

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seems like the drops will be bound …

Who said that?

they need to stop that bound stupid feature. it kills economy, kill progressions, kill the whole community… it’s a mmo not a singleplayer game…

let us share, let us sale, let us be a community instead of isolating everyone…

They want to push the content as fast as they planned and they want to control players’ progression along with it. Idk what’s up with the drops because I wasn’t able to find any official information.

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if they realy wanted that … they had T3 amor also made tradable … but it still isnt and they dont want to change it in the next update

It was a good idea to make it untradable at the very early phase of t3. I agree that it has no reason to be untradable at this point.

so like that logic its also a good idea to make artifact stuff also untradable at the beginning

It depends? NA version of lost ark is very unique in its current status. So they could do whatever to make the game better and at least help prevent the potential problems that could happen. For example, experienced players could’ve taken advantage of people with less or no previous knowledge. Let’s say they were tradable, some people could’ve paid extremely over-priced gold for that 2 lines of level 1 tripods.