What are these items in the shop?


There’s all this stuff in there about skin dye and skin shine. I don’t get it? What does it do. And why are there a few different versions of “dye”?

Hi @Yule.

This item is as Reagent Potion to dye skins, this one in specific is to give shine to some parts of the skin ,they have a a difference between textures reagents, shine reagents and color change reagents.

Also I gathered some details for you to consider on the dye system :

  • To dye a skin you need to have a skin first, most skins are dyeable , however some cannot be dyed. (This due to the Dye some skins are intended to be sold per color, or are designed to be like that).
  • The skins that can’t change color are noted like this on the description of the item.
  • You must have all the items required to be able to dye.
  • You need to have a 10x magick society dye reagent for each color change to actually dye a skin. Then, for patterns, you need 10x pattern reagents of the pattern you want, and finally, for shine effects and changes, you need 10x shine regents.
  • You could get 30 each for either your 4th or 6th consecutive login.​

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Most skins are NOT dyable . I can’t believe you’d say that as a mod . Noneeee of the skins in this game.are even dyable anddddddd you have to press a weird selection of buttons just to check if something is dyable . Esp if the item price isn’t on the market for you to check . Hence the heart gem rapport vendor skins . It won’t TELL YOU until AFTER you open the damn box up that the skins aren’t dyable . So no nothing so far has been DYEBLE. So please show me where all these DYEBLE skins are at ingame because I havnt seen a single one other then the one in the shop per class that can be dyed .

I shouldn’t have to Google for hrs to figure out of the skin box off a vendor or shop is dyebale or not . It should just freaking say right on the damn box . It’s like do you guys want our $$$$ or not ??

EVERYTHING I’ve seen says “CANNOT BE DYED” . REALLY wish our honing gear for ilvl was dyable . It’s a shame you would think they’d want more $$$ but they make everything undyeble.
Only a certain one per class it seems . Everything else isn’t dyable . I wouldn’t waste your money on shine pots . The only useful dye pots are the rainbow ones and the blue ones for patterns.

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It’s only two skins that aren’t dyeable because they’re old (pre-dye system). Which is the Alar box and the skin you got from pre-order. The names of the skins are different when you open the box because of the class, but they all come from the same box.

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Hi @Yule

Thank you very much to provide those additional details for @DarthKitana I really appreciate your kindness to bring this on the forum.

I Can confirm some skins Unfortunately are not able to be dyed because that’s the way they supposed to be.

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