What are they supposed to do?

This is a screenshot from my friend
He’s new to pvp on striker just playing his first ranked games

And this is how he gets matched up? I don’t want to go on a rant but can the developers acknowledge that releasing this ranked season with the old ranking system is impossible? How can the pvp community grow when they’re forced to fight people that have thousands of more games played than them. Not to mention the ridicule rng of team comp

It’s just a bummer I feel bad for anybody that wants to try ranked out

Well he if it is the first ranked games then the system is learning where he belongs, just give it a few more games and he will be in bronce playing against bronce.

Hmm is that how the “placement” games work? I thought everybody just started at ground level and worked their way up

Well, you see he is in silver and not in Bronce. I have not played yet a competitive game that does not start with placement matches. The system always will try to match up according to your skills, just give it a few more games

Right but I think he’s on game 15-20 here so I’m not sure if these would even be considered placement

But I’m in the same boat as you

The system isnt that good. It basically does no analyzation and just averages out the teams MMRs for the best opponent. This can be further expanded on you gain double MMR for your first 100 games while starting everyone at 1500. If they had an actual adequate system to figure out placement they would not need to do that

I’ll tell you what but you won’t like the answer.

As the matchmaking put you even with master he should play normals till he develop ultra instinct.

Now fr the mm is awfull you do get matches against ppl way higher than you so you need to play better than that elo before going to rank.

Tell him to play 1000 norms with striker and then rush the pvp rank up to diamond so he doesn’t loose mmr.