What Are You Doing About the Crystal Market?

Blue Crystal prices are becoming ridiculous. I generally spend a decent amount of gold on blue crystals to get stuff from the Mari shop, but now I’m having to spend 1.5k gold just for one Legendary-Rare x5 card pack. Depending on how many times that’s available, it could cost me well over 15k a week just for cards, and let’s not even go into other things I may want to buy.

This is going to push new & non-hardcore players away from this game. My best friend, who is 100% free-to-play, is unable to make any amount of gold to buy much from the shop.

Something seriously needs to be done.

You know they have no control over what the market does right? It’s inflation.

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Royal Crystal conversion has been shit for a long time. About time F2Pers stop getting their cheap Blue Crystals, Auras, and Pheons.

They’ve caused this problem with the 3-day lock-out periods unfortunately. So, yes, they can’t tell players what to charge, but their actions have a direct impact on what people are willing to sell for.

Crystals prices almost doubled with EVERY new class release, in addition we now have a honing buff causing a lot of new 1370s needing pheons to be equipped… So how much of the rise is due to the 3 days hold you’d say?

They will do absolutely nothing because it isn’t their job to. Crystal Market prices are driven by players themselves. Prices of Blue Crystals are directly affected by Royal Crystals so deal with it.

Supply and demand. People are buying blue crystals, someone has to swipe and buy royal crystals on the other side of the transaction for that to happen. The price is going up because the players are buying them. You’re not supposed to be buying every single thing that gets listed.

It’s driven by market. Player supply and demand cause the rise or lower crystal prices

They (SMG) made the game of course they can do whatever they want, i don’t think the problem is inflation because you burn the gold, the problem is less people exchanging real crystal to gold, you have 4 kinds of players, legit whales who sell their royal crystal, f2p who gets blue crystal thanks to first played, RMT whale, and player who pays occasionally, the wales get feed in early if they already got their characters at higher ilvl with 5 engraving and alts they don’t buy more royal crystal because they literally finish the game, basically you only have occasionally buyers feeding the crystal market, of course gold inflation at some point is helping to increase the price, but the low supply of royal crystal is more important. Imagine if 400k people are selling their royal crystal, what could be the price? Now imagine only 100k selling their royal crystal the price will be the same ? They make the economy they can change it

That may be true, but I would not say that they have 0 control about the blue crystal prices.

Recently we have gotten a new set of skins, the high expected summer skins. These skins were the first ones you could only buy for royal crystals. So how does this affect the blue crystal price?

Here in EUC after the Bots have been banned and the situation calmed down a bit, we had blue crystals dropping to around 500 Gold. Of course it was sure that the blue crystal rate would increase with the release of the hyper express since many people would need Pheons. BUT simultaneously they released the skins only purchasable for Royal Crystals… Since people who want to invest money for gold, have a bigger Royal Crystal to Gold rate if they buy these skins and sell them in the auction house, less people are converting Royal Crystals to Gold directly.

So what happens?
Demand for blue crystals is increasing since 1370 Express Event is being released and also the entire Honing Buff → More people want to buy Blue Crystals
Less people are converting Royal Crystals to Gold since selling an only purchasable skin for Royal Crystals give them an increased royal crystal to gold conversion rate.

→ Price for blue crystals sky rockets.

So I would say Amazon and SG also control the marketplace with the way and the decision whether a skin is purchasable with Royal Crystals and with Blue Crystals or only with RCs.

Of course there will also be an inflation going on and increasing the prices simultaneously, but not that fast and not directly after the patch. That’s not how an inflation is working. And imagine if we are now talking about inflation and we cannot even run 3 Legion Raids, since Kakul has not been released yet. What would happen to the market then? It’s very unlikely that it’s due to the inflation!

What I am interested in is:
How can we know as players when they will release a skin only purchasable for Royal Crystals and when will they release a skin also purchasable with blue crystals.