What are you doing, Amazon Game Studios?

Just now my team disbanded, right before Abulay XiuDe’s arrival.

If you don’t want Chinese players to play, you can just cut it off directly and ban all Chinese player IPs. But you don’t want to do that because of the poor online player numbers, right?

So please don’t do such disgusting things like using cheat software, which will result in a ban. But why are some people able to get their bans lifted after using it? When I called to inquire about this, I was told that each case is different and the situation varies from account to account. What kind of explanation is this?

Do you not think that the ban wave on March 22nd was a conspiracy?

The Chinese server is about to open soon.


“It’s really an incomprehensible way of thinking. My biggest mistake was choosing Amazon servers.”

Do you think that you banned just one, or maybe several tens or even hundreds of accounts, and that was it?

Do you understand that because of one of your bans, one person from a team, it can lead to the entire team disbanding? Look at what the current raid teams look like now, and how difficult it is to invite players.

Go back to your online shopping platform, your game is a mess. FK

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worst game company.

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Very, very worst

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I value my team, and I’m extremely sorry that my team of one year disbanded because of your mass ban on March 22nd. One of my teammates got banned because of you, and it caused the dissolution of the team.

Fck you

As far as I know, my team wasn’t the only one that disbanded because of your mass ban on March 22nd. There are posts all over Chinese forums about forming new teams. It’s frustrating that your ban wave only seemed to affect legitimate players, while the real army of bots remain untouched. Many accounts with scores above 1550 were banned, and considering that each account can have up to six characters, banning 10 accounts means banning 60 characters. With so many legitimate players getting banned, how can the online rate of real players be high? If you really don’t want Chinese players, then learn from the Korean servers and ban them all. Don’t do things that make players sick. The Chinese server is about to open, and instead of trying to retain old players, you’re driving them away. It’s just pathetic.

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Finally, please let me express my emotions in Chinese.


机器人脚本一个干不掉, 1550的号一批一批封,脑袋里装的是什么, 豆浆吗?国服马上就瘠薄开了搞什么呢?

你要是一碗水端平,我没有任何怨言,你妈逼的7000 8000 小时的号 , 说解封就解封,我朋友2000多小时的号说是脚本号, 脑袋装的是他妈大便是吗?



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So why do they want to ban half, lift half

Then you need to open your Amazon strategy brain and take a look

I bet you were all botters. Well deserved, less scum selling gold


It is said that you have obtained the agency rights for TL. Oh my god, it’s a pity.Another game will be destroyed

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thats why i still play in russia , ags disapoints me a lot

Poor person, you don’t know what bad luck will befall you

Are there many people on Russian servers?

Yes, we are also preparing to leave.

i see some russians , ucranians and a LOT of chinas , but theres a few of english speakers there from EU and rares from NA , im from SA but i think i won’t least for a long time on RU because of region content gap of ags and my time to play in ru is very low , i play only 5-6h at max there , but the illiakan raid + progging gate 3 is costing me a lot of time demand , so i can’t farm gold on my alts anymore , i think i wont least until Voldaik there .
but the Language Gap is not an obstacle because some russians and chinas speaks in english with me ( english is not my main language but i speak very well and i understand them because i have a lot of rus friends that teached to me simple words .

as for example , the chinas when i got accepted in their party they tell me ‘’ Guo ren / guo ren ma ‘’ and xiexie and some stuffs that i know what is =)

look at one of my recently adventure with rus and chinas KEKW Twitch

English is not my first language either, and yes, players are generally very friendly towards each other, but there may be some exceptions with certain individuals.

But the operation of AGS is really poor, considering that it’s a global server. There are too many wrongful bans and mistakes in the review process, it’s really terrible.

Man , stop acting xenophobically , its not because he is a china , he is an botter , not everybody is a cheater , mostly of ppl play honestly .


I really don’t know what it means but I agree. It’s better to avoid AGS in the future.