What are you doing? Seriously

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It’s a serious question, do you think this is in aaaaaany way acceptable? In 15+ mmo years never I seen a thing like this. Why are you forcing people to hate this game?


Are you kidding? Several other MMO’s have had outages that extended over a day before. It’s not often, but it does happen.


AGS: Weesa in a big doodoo this time

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Maintenance will end in mid-june.


Hes new to MMOs go easy on him.


I remember WoW being down for 24hrs. Not that I’d like to hit that milestone again in Lost Ark, but we’re getting pretty close.


only time ive ever seen that in the past many years has been from DDoS attacks. This is all of AGS doing. completely different.

thats getting funny asf, can’t wait for their 5 vitameow


I am all grown up. I work for a living. Do you know what happens if I fuck up something that takes a full day to repair on my job? I get fired. Am I being unfair??? Honest question… Am I being unfair for assuming this is not acceptable?


To answer your question, no, it’s not acceptable. The team isn’t doing this for fun; today’s deployment faced a number of complex issues and much of our staff has now been working around the clock to get it fixed. It’s not any more enjoyable for us than it is for our players.


I agree with this. Its just out of hand now.


Sounds like you haven’t played many MMO’s in the past 15 years. Imagine being down for several days. Obviously the CM’s or any game publisher does not think it’s okay and are working to resolving the issue because they need to generate money.

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Having been in the thick of it, I have no doubt that everyone wants it to be over and doing everything they can to make it go faster.

At least a straight answer. Gonna go to sleep now, it’s 1 am in my country. Best of luck to that ‘fix’.

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you got this dont let the hate get to you <3

i just hope we get more than 5 pheons as compensation, good night everybody


you could just cancel the patch and give the servers back we don’t care of a pvp balance that touch on 5% player base

See everyone tomorrow, no sense in sticking around anymore at this point in time.


Really, AGS needs to hire better people. I am really sorry to say it, but its the truth. Since New World, thats another whole project, AGS showed the company is ran by inexperient/incompetent people.