What are you guys waiting for? Just implement the honing changes already

Why are you guys still not doing anything? You had a big list full of honing adjustments for the Argos patch that you decided to remove right before release for clearly shady reasons.

Well, now look what happened. Roxx said they were doing things too fast and now they plan to do things slowly to do it right. What kind of bullshit is that??? YOU HAD THE PATCH READY WITH ALL THE NECESSARY CHANGES! What are you waiting for to simply implement those?


working as intended :clown_face:

The honing changes should be coming out with Valtan. So If Valtan is delayed, I expect these honing changes to come in a few months instead with Valtan.

If Valtan comes out next month, which is unlikely due to the complaints, these honing changes will come then also.

I think they’ll be adding more content for mats rather than boosting these honing changes.


Honing changes arent the problem, lack of materials are.


Except we literally wouldn’t have had the time to farm them in the first place even if they were in the game, aka they still need to release honing buffs, the cut off content should be after that.


Missing Content:

Abyss Trials: 400ish Destruction Stones / 1300 Guardian Stones / 20 Leapstones / Honing % increase chance equivalent of your choice.

Heroic Guardian Raids: 350 Destruction Stones / 1300 Guardian Stones / 15 Leapstones

PvP Vendor: 400ish Destruction Stones / 1000 Guardian Stones / 20 Leapstones

All of the above is ROSTER bound in Russia and KR. Unlike in NA, which I’m willing to bet you an arm and a leg will remain character bound.



Those would be gone in an instant with the current honing chances. Not even close to enough.

Ok and? You still need 1k leapstones ON AVERAGE, getting extra 55 leapstones a week will be nothing compared to 20% BASE chance increase, which is literally twice the chance of 11-14 upgrade and three times the chance at 15. Not only that but the required mats needed for the hone in the first place would be cut in half, we’d basically go from 1k average leapstones to 250. Please tell me which one is better?

The Missing content would’ve been fine if we had the time to farm them in the first place like KR, which we didn’t.


Im TheGiggaChad and I approve of this thread


Honing changes have become a problem due to the month+ of lacking materials, though. Just adding the content and calling it fine would be like fixing an oil leak in a car and calling it good without replacing the lost oil, they need to fix both sides of the issue.

Ok, so say the honing changes go live, everyones 1400+ sitting on 20mins of content weekly. Then what? Just on a dry run till the next content update? What difference does it make?

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Then maybe we can finally dispense with this nonsensical expectation that people need to play 10 hours a day, to start with. Then maybe people can start gearing the alts that will be needed. Then maybe people can focus on the collectibles and other content they’re ignoring cause there are not enough hours in the day.

If people truly have gotten through all of that, then congratulations, you’ve already beaten Lost Ark, see you next content cycle.


Delaying content will kill the game harder than anything, why would you want to lock us at content that was killing the game in Korea. You think people are going to play in this dead zone for months to get to the good parts of the game.


But everyone wont be 1400? The point is getting the majority of players(that played a lot) to the point where they can actually play the content that they are releasing and not paywalling it.

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It’s not a paywall at this point to hit 1370. You either pay with time, or you skip it by handing out your wallet. That’s what F2P progress to play systems are. It’s only a month in and youre worried about missing 20mins of content on day one of it dropping.


What do you think they do in Korea, it’s not like the legion raids honing chances are getting buffed, they had to wait a month or 2 between each release and were there the day it launched, and you have people saying it was too fast, when they also had a ton of alts by that point.

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Lack of content is the issue rather than honing rates. Heavy RNG sucks, but it wouldn’t be anywhere near as big of a problem if there was more to do than chaos dungeons and like 2 guardian raids.

In either case, I trust them to make a solution. The game has literally only been out for 5 weeks. Chill out.


Im not understanding the point youre trying to make here. Youre basically saying honing chances were buffed but not until later into more content.

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You say what do we do when honing changes comes and everyone is sitting around at 1400+, what do you think Koreans did? They were at Valtan item level the day it launched, then had a month until the next legion raid and repeat every month or two. Yet Koreans still say that it’s too fast, I guess sitting here at 1340 with just chaos and guardian raids is better than Argos and legion raids on top of that, the difference is obvious.


My guy, we already discussed when KR received honing buffs to 1415, its not like that didnt have the same struggle as we did. Now Im not saying we should have to wait as long of a period of time, but simply buffing it now seems not the play or the priority to other glaring issues.