What are you guys waiting for? Just implement the honing changes already

This is the glaring issue. It’s not like the honing changes came for no reason, even if the buffs came after Valtan, KOREANS WERE ALREADY AT THAT LEVEL FROM MONTHS OF BORING GRINDING IF THEY DIDN’T QUIT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Once they reached legion raid item levels the requirements keep going up, and it’s still too fast one a month/bimonthly release, and they have all these changes and alts. If we are caught up to Valtan it won’t change anything for the future item levels, we have the same speed as them at that point, if not faster releases.


Exactly? They literally had the same problem as we did so they buffed the honing rates DESPITE having extra content and time. We have less time, less content and worse honing rates. How do you figure some extra content would solve all of that?


If they had not released Argos, it would be fine to add the other system to increase material gain without honing buffs, but since they did release Argos, then we need the honing buffs as well. More activities still requires time to do then, which we didn’t have, so even with those it will still take a long time to reach 1370 for Argos. With honing buffs whoever, we will get there faster than just wasting materials and praying for RNG to work our way.

More materials without honing buffs won’t do as much as you believe it will. Argos is already out, we are not preparing for some future release.

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Smilegate never introduced catchup mechanics to go right into the newest released piece of content, ever. It’s not happening here either. This fixation on honing specifically is driven by bad predictions from streamers and it’s pathetic. There’s no way the devs would burn everyone that played the game and progressed. It’s unrealistic. What is realistic is more honing sources, more honing mats and a delay on whatever comes next after Argos.

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That isn’t realistic, the devs already have the data on 1340~1415 being awful, that is with all the extra content for materials, why do you think they buffed them in the first place, even if we get that content it won’t change anything about it being a game killing disaster zone. As for tier 1 and tier 2, WE DON’T EVEN HAVE THE SAME TIER 1 AND 2 KOREANS OR ANY VERSION HAS EVER PLAYED OR TESTED, OUR VERSION IS UNIQUE, OUR RELEASE IS THE VERSION THAT ALREADY HAD A TON OF CHANGES AND THE HONING BUFFS AT THAT SAME TIME. The current version is balanced around 100% and skip and you can even buy around the tier all together…

They just realized how much money they can make with giving people FOMO over Gearscore.

Do you seriously believe they revert it now, and make the game more f2p centered? They have people like that gigawhale, who spend $15k already, in a single month! They will do everything to pump out those goalpost moving updates in a quick fashion now, just so that they can keep the whale revenue incoming.

Oh, you can’t play with the big boys? No problem, just pull your card out!

They had the choice in making this game a whale hunt or not, and the decision is already made. Seeing the huge drop in player numbers over the last week or so is speaking for itself.

This Game will simply become another p2w meme.

You can’t reasonably expect the same catchup mechanics that are present in a 3 year old game with much more content than ours in a 1 month old game. Get real

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It’s the same game and they already did the mistake of releasing Argos with the game as it’s.

What’s next? You can’t reasonably expect the same treatment for the West as they did to KR/RU right?

If Amazon were making these content pacing and balance decisions I’d be inclined to agree with you but I doubt they are. That’s not usually what the publisher does. I think what happened is Smilegate is responsible for less honing sources and releasing Argos too soon and I’m confident they’ll work it out.

I can, we are on a supposed accelerated schedule, why? Because the game doesn’t start getting good until legion raids were released. Argos is parodied in our race event even because it was their final mistake before the game took off with legion raid releases 3 months after. Well with the current pace we are even slower than Korea, because they had the extra content and tons of alts already grinded, they were already at 1370 potentially by the time Argos released, and had 3 months to get to 1415. We aren’t even at Argos and have less than half the material sources and only 3 weeks left.
And reminder that this content was killing the game during that time.

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What does that even matter?

If AGS or Smilegate is milking us and hunting whales?

If Smilegate is making this decisions, it would be even worse, in fact!

The difference should be obvious. I’ll let you work that out

“Seeing the huge drop in player numbers over the last week or so is speaking for itself.”

Those same shitters would’ve quit when they eventually got to t3 and saw the rates were anything other than 100%. Game lost something that was inevitably going to leave so nothing of value was lost anyway

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Stop bothering Amazon, they just wants more money, let them get the huge amount of money that braindead people are wasting right now, because the amounts are around 5k-15k per whale, so let them get their money, Im happy with that.

After that, everybody will leave the game, and the whales will be playing this alone and I will be totally happy to see how Amazon finally have the bad reputation they deserved for destroying this game.

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Nice try, but nope.

If Smilegate made this decisions, there is actually zero hope that it will change or get better.

Have fun whaling with your small minority of remaining players in a few months, while getting milked on BDO level.

Honing buffs to T3 aren’t coming this early. Cope.

Yes it is you conveniently left out a honing buff in those as well lol

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But I haven’t spent anything yet outside of a bronze founder’s pack and I’m basically only missing leapstones and 3000 destruction stones for 1370. Missing the 1370 by release day was entirely because l stalled to start alts in the beginning and my t3 honing has been abysmal

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I don’t need to cope, if the game dies it would just be as I predicted Amazon would be the only thing that can kill it. But you whales do need to cope, you either wasted your money because the rate boost will come, or you wasted it because the game died, one of these things are guaranteed to happen, at least the game can survive if it’s the former.


Definitely not coping rn. Also I’m F2P.

No one is debating the fact the honing boosts will come. Delusional to think it’s coming this early. That would invalidate the time and effort spent by everyone that has played the game normally up to this point. It would piss off everyone that progressed and that’s why it’s not a reasonable expectation for you to have or a viable strategy for the devs. If honing rates were to be higher than they already are, this early, we would have been playing on that patch day 1.

Once again, what is realistic to expect is more honing sources, more honing mats and a delay on whatever comes after Argos.