What build should I play the db character with?

Hello everyone. I wish everyone a happy day. im playing deathblade lvl50, 533ilvl. Which engraving should I play with? I am new at the game. many people say the db is nerf. should i change my character? i play alone. high damage. I’m looking for something that can easily be included in raids.
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Surge playstyle was changed recently and even though I think both Surge and RE are or are almost equal in damage, Remaining Energy is way easier to pull off. Basically if you like the Surge playstyle, it’s still decently viable. Remaining Energy is more forgiving and has more consistent damage instead of big burst.

Surge: All eggs in one basket. If you can play well, it’s satisfying hitting the big surges for massive damage. If you miss, dont get 20 stacks, or dont back attack, all your eggs fall on the floor.

Remaining energy: You do good damage with your basic abilities and dump decently high surges when identity is filled. No single factor that can mess up your rotation as bad as surge

I wouldn’t recommend anyone play hard class as main because switching main right now is hard, expensive. People play sorc, zerker for a reason.
You can still play DB as first alt, i don’t think you lose out any thing with that.

Remaining Energy = Reliable consistent damage. Easier to pull off but! Tier 1 and Tier 2 Remaining Energy is harder to play than Surge because you cannot consistently get 3 orbs. You need a lot of Specialization stat and wealth runes.

Surge = Big damage, high risk high reward playstyle. Easier time in T1-T2 because of how 20 stacks work. You require a lot of spec as well but once you manage to get 20 stacks you recharge all your orbs so it doesn’t need as high spec in t1-2 .

Overall it’s up to you. The general consensus is that Surge is better than Remaining but it is way harder to consistently pull the damage off so you lose out on damage to remaining energy if you mess up.

Most players stick to RE because it still does good damage, has higher buff uptime because of how spammy the class gets and is overall pretty simple to play.

Hi 1430 RE blade here with a 1355 Surge blade alt

My advice would be to play surge and decide if you want to change to RE in 1370 ilvl

Before 1370 every thing you have to kill barely noves and you can get 20 stacks pretty easily.
It’s also extremely cheap as all you need is a lvl 5-7 surge gem and surge engraving at lvl 3 which you can get by equiping to x9 surge engravings.

Just with that you will get every mvp cause your damage will be huge.

The problem about building RE to early is that you don’t have the wealth runes you need and supercharge at 3 to make it feel good and smooth.
Without your gems/ tripods and engravings you will feel you barely do damage and you are too slow.

Once you have acces to this on 1370+ RE feels better as it’s friendly with new content as you can mave little mistakes and not be hard punished.
The more and more you progress you will realize surge is stressing and feels awful when you don’t know absolutely everything of the fight.

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