What can Sharpshooter do that Sorc cant?

I’ve mained a Sharpshooter since day 1, not really playing any alts. Today, I saw people saying that a Sharpshooter is just a bad Sorceress so I decided to give one a try.

What is this? Sorc literally fulfills every single role that Sharpshooter does but better. Stagger, weak point, raw damage, being ranged, you name it. From what I can tell there is not a single thing that Sharpshooter has over Sorc. Am I missing something or what?

Class fantasy of being a ranger ?

Stealth ?

Bow and arrow playstyle with some melee mixed in ?

Seriously though if you prefer Sorc just play it, I’m sure other people prefer Sharpshooter.

Then again I do think that his class ability needs reworking because it lacks impact in every way imo.

Oh i know this one i know this one! A sharpshooter can pee standing up.


My first character (and also my first level 50 with 420 ilvl) was a sharpshooter as I play the ranger/archer archetype in 90% of all games I play, and I happen to adore birds so his special ability also felt amazing in the beginning - but I put him away because I am allergic to the spell caster feeling for him. :frowning: If I wanted to be forced to stand still while casting, then I would play a caster - like the sorceress or summoner w/e. >.< The entire reason I love the ranger class fantasy is because it is usually very mobile and often melee/ranger hybrids (and sharpshooter is the latter at least), but the sharpshooter does not have the mobility that I want. :< The sharpshooter, on boss encounters, feels much like the opposite of mobile. The long ass animation locks is nothing short of bumming me out.

Anyways - to answer the question. Short answer: the only department where the sharpshooter will win over the sorceress is in raw mobility, and that is not by much. He is, unfortunately, in most aspects a budget sorceress when it comes to group content. He is, according to a lot of people, a bit more fluent to play in solo content as he can tag mobs quickly and most of his AoE abilities are much quicker than the sorceress’.

Long answer: Unfortunately, the sharpshooter of LA is in a pretty awkward position and this is why he usually is among the least played characters overall. His damage is alright, but there are plenty of other DDs that can bring more damage (and stagger, utility etc) to the table. He has more range than most other ranged classes, but optimized builds still require you to get close to throw your dagger skills to fill your specialization meter faster. His stagger is just… Non-existent and on top of it, he is animation locked for silly amounts of time. On top of that his party synergy (flat damage increase), is the same as the sorceress, soulfist AND scrapper - which means he does not really bring any unique buffs either. There is a reason the sharpshooter is pretty much only recommended to the archer fanatics, because sharpshooter per design is an… Ill fit in Lost Ark.

There is no doubt that the Sharpshooter needs a good look at because he is much weaker than he should be compared to the other ranged classes… Personally, I think most of his awkwardness could be traded off by letting him off all the terrible long animations/charge-ups and thus making him more like a hybrid assassin type, but that is such a massive overhaul that it is an unlikely dream at best. :frowning:

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Wear real pants.

I suppose Stealth is the actual answer? Which hasn’t been useful to me outside of PvP. It’s not really about what i prefer to play, its more about one class doing exactly what another class does but better with no downsides.

Sounds about what I expected then sadly. I like sharpshooter but after playing Sorc she’s extremely fun and more useful so maybe I’ll end up switching to her.

From what ive heard, the class is designed to sacrifice some dmg ceiling for survivability.

the dmg was so bad on KR that they buffed its dmg by 26%. the class is fine and ive had sharpshooters solo bosses from 30% in some early dungeon runs (without being over geared) the class has a lot of tools to keep itself alive from what ive heard