What can we look forward to in the next 2 months before Brel hard and Artist?

Honestly feeling pretty bored running the same raids every week and doing dailies on 6 characters.

What can keep us engaged in the game?


We’re on expedited content too :smiley:

you need to park your main at 1580. If you’ve already achieve that park all your alt at 1580

get other hobbies in the meantime, or play other games


The question was asking what can keep us engaged, not what can distract us and eventually make us quit.


I hear this game has pvp thats why where getting a whole month dedicated to a pvp patch. Try that. :rofl:

ontopic come play UO Outlands its pretty sweet.

Go try hell modes

May I interest you in other AGS games? :clown_face:

Hogwarts Legacy is dropping soon.

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Pitying weapon

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it’s the nature of MMOs. The only thng is that if you want to be “ready” for the next content in Lost Ark you do need to play the grind more or less every day. The next target ilvl right now is 1560 for Brel Hard 1-6 and 1540 for alts to get 6 Hanumatans to escape Caliligos jail.

In WoW when you finish the raid and get your loot what are you really doing till the next raid? You either get yourself into a mythic raid static and bash your head against a boss for hours or you just do the stuff that’s around till the next raid comes out in 4-6 months. It’s more or less the same mentality as in Lost Ark where you just do your farm raid with your guild and then do mythic+ for the rest of the week if you want.

Nowadays with how min maxy and optimised the internet makes games it’s kinda rough for devs to “keep up” with players. There basically isn’t any game around that isn’t just a pvp game that can keep peoples attention for more than 2 months at a time.

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that’s the nature of 90% of MMORPGS out there.

If you take 0 satisfaction from progressing your account and your roster then i doubt you will be able to hang out until brand new raids/ content comes out which might be every 4 months for our version now, but it will eventually get even longer as we catch up to KR.

like i said earlier this is how MMORPGS work though.

some qol and buffs YaY AND PVP aLoT of PVP 2x YaY

Quit for now. Come back in April and see if it’s still worth for you playing the content.

If not, move on.


Anniversary “celebration” where you have to give them money for skins and then some pvp shit in march for that 2% of the playerbase who pvp.

Make sure to thank ags and the cms for putting everything in april and nothing in these 3 months.


Just wait for the anniversary event in two weeks. Whatever they come up with most likely will run for a month, OR, until next April’s patch.

everytime i look at those whining threads, I’m wondering which MMO did all you guys play that gave you brand new end game content every month.

we’ll never catch up my man keep this in mind

Nothing /end thread

It will be at least 8+ months of Brelsh, they will hold Akkan until then