What causes this?

can you be more precise on what you mean with this picture? like is it 3/4 joining? or a full loading screen? the background picture ?

Hes asking what causes Chaos gates to open i think.

Are you talking about the “Waiting for members to load 3/4” at the bottom right? If so, one of the party members is taking a while to load in.

Oops, I thought I uploaded a different picture. Meant to upload one highlighting the bottom right that says 3/4.

its means that only 3 people fully loaded the chaosgate so you have to wait till everyone is rdy :slight_smile: sometimes it takes longer sometimes its instant :slight_smile:

It is the amount of people in your group that are already loaded completly
So 3 out of 4 people are ready, 1 is still loading up

I think the point of this was that it takes too long in some cases (as if it’s stuck).

I managed to google the phrase, look for some time and post this reply and it still hasn’t loaded.