What character are u guys going to play?

im going bard since i love to support!!

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Scrapper, like it very much

Was thinking to main warlord since i like tanking, but gonna give Bard and Paladin a shot during beta since i like some supporting as well and i main paladin in ffxiv :slight_smile:

Probably also going Warlord but only because all the classes I want to play are not available during intial release.

Maybe not from the beginning but I am going to play every Warrior subclass and maybe also Blaster.


Bard of course :innocent:

I’m going to test Berserker and Shadowhunter

Gunslinger first then using the boost for Paladin

Going bard first and reaper (ofc when it is released) second

Definitely Infighter (Scrapper) but since alts play an important role in the game i’ll probably be also playing Bard - Berserker - Hawkeye

Summoner main until Sorceress comes out (hopefully soon) :slight_smile:

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As of right now, I’ve got my eyes locked on Gunslinger. This could change later on, but Gunslinger is very appealing to me. Naturally, I tend to gravitate toward the mage archetype, so I’ll likely end up playing one of the Mage’s advanced classes as well. It’s also very likely that I’ll end up playing more than just two classes, but those are the two I know for sure I’ll be trying my hand at.

Likely Avatar/Summoner, same as on RU.

I’m going Bard since i’m a musician irl :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :musical_note:

Gunlancer for release, probably Paladin as my second.

For beta planning to do Scrapper to try it out. Will use the boost on either Gunlancer or Artillerist.