What Class are you playing and Why?

For my first play through I chose Beserker due to it looking like an easy class to use and progress through the story with. Will most likely switch to a different class as my main when I hit end game and see what is needed/desired for group content.

How about you?

What class? What do you mean? I thought we were all playing the queue game!


well i play on an East Coast server and have no queue

Try to relogg now and see :smiley:

Master seagull spotter

Started off as Deadeye, then boosted Shadowhunter and still deciding if to second boost a Sorc. Reasoning is based mostly on style/aesthethics. I am PvP oriented so was looking for versatile classes with high skill ceiling.

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I’m Playing the Queuer because it’s trendy and mainstream.

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Sorceress first. Honestly - the ability effects looked the coolest overall. I liked some other class abilities, but as a complete package, sorceress looked awesome.

It has not disappointed. Right now I drop a giant lightning blast, a giant meteor, a mini lightning storm that shoots a bolt from it, and a crystal that gets big and explodes and shoot a stream of fire. And they ALL look so cool.

Everyone should also play sorceress at some point just to get that feeling of totally obliterating everything. There is alwaysa bit of danger since my feeling is its a little slower to hit the damage because of cast times on the spells, but if you land them…BOOM. its awesome.

My 2nd toon is a gunslinger. I am picking it purely for the gameplay of alternating weapons. Honestly it seems like it may be a challenge and I like that!

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what made you decide to switch from Deadeye? I have been thinking about giving that class a try.

I originally started as a Berserker because it fits the name I use in all MMO’s. Then I decided to go Bard since support classes seem to always be needed. Turns out I have been able to solo all the hard dungeons\scenarios\whatever they are called so far without much trouble. Seems like easy mode right now (almost level 30).

I plan on flushing out my roster with at least one of each main class. Just enjoying the story and leveling so far with the Bard.

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Bard, huh… Might give that one a shot. Time will tell. thanks for sharing.

I haven’t switched. It’s my main. :smiley: I just quickly realized that it would be hard to stick to a single class with so many lucrative options, as well as the fact that the game is designed around having alts. So I was just sharing all of the classes I mean to play for starters. Deadeye is awesome, probably will remain my main.

Wish i coul play my sorceress and unlock 460 content

i’m playing a deathblade too but i expected him different, not all about charging skill. In pvp is really fun tho. In pve too but need a lot of positionin knowledge

I play Deadeye class, i like the movem speed on this class, more i like to jump in fight

I started out as Sharpshooter due to beta, but swiftly moved to Sorc at launch.
Love the playstyle, and the glass cannon, emphasis cannon.
She’s flashy, ranged and huge fan of the elemental effects.

I just hit 50 on my deathblade. It’s been fun, and quite fast at moving through the story. Once I get my power passes, I’ll be boosting I think a bard and a beserker. The bard to be useful in group content, and the beserker because I think it’s good at solo stuff and an easy alt to play.

Berserker because big sword obviously

Im playing wardancer she’s my highest. I boosted a Bard and found out she wasn’t for me. (Which is a shame since she’s the prettiest character). I’m leveling a scrapper now and will work on either a demonhunter or a gunslinger next.

Also going to try out a gunlancer since I’d like a pseudo support or a buffer like the wardancer.

Started off as a Sorceress - easy leveling. Now I might switch to a Sharpshooter, used my powerpass on it and enjoying it quite alot. Hawkeyes need more looove.

Sorceress because I’ve always been attracted to ranged caster archetypes. I wanted to play a priest/healer, but the Bard didn’t look like what I was going for.

So far, it’s amazing. Big spells and big effects!

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