What class do you play next season?


so what class do you play next season? Observing whats going on in normals at the moment it looks like we are going to be flooded with

  • Sharpshooters
  • Gunslingers and
  • Deadeyes.

How come you think, that those classes will be a lot played? Deadeye was very rare one in non-/competitive 3v3 last season.

As I said, in my normal games at the momet are almost only these classes (EUC).
Adding to the ton of sorcs way more long ranged classes. Artis are almost non present.
Though the destro and arcana flood is also still active. But sharpshooter is on the rise.

It would make no sense to gauge next season meta based on what’s happening now with no reward off season.

The people playing now, if anything, are playing alts to get 5 games for an extra source of leapstones rather than playing competively.

Deadeye and Sharpshooter has never been competitive and there’s nothing in the PvP balance that has made any meaningful changes to that. If no one is playing Artillerist over any of these two classes it’s either all your artillerists quit or all of them parked them waiting for AGS to stop being incompetent and letting people know when their tripod rework was coming

I only play Soulfist in pvp :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

hahaha must be a joke
its going to be flooded with Sorcs, Destroyers and fighters
I will give you reasons why Sharpshooter will never be a class for many.
you must be EXTREMELY good, why? you must need to know where to position all the time, is very squishy, has no self protection skills, lack damage and if you miss its very punishing and its not an easy class to master
the class has no protections and is slow AF in terms of skill release, never wins a blow exchange, animations lock, the best 2 skills has conditions to land and so on.

the best thing on sharpshooter is the invisibility, which if you play aggainst skilled people, it means nothing, because you appear after 3 seconds, if you take a hit you get exposed, if you use skill you are exposed. all in all, might give you a chance to escape if your enemie is lazy and doesnt know a thing about positioning.

Deadeye is difficult to master in PvP and has great utility against many different classes in 3v3. One made it into Top10 competitive rank.
It’s just many do copy “outdated” PvP-build, which is designed for 1v1 and not for 3v3.

Damage is alright, my average dmg with Deadeye is around 430k - 450k. Still, sometimes I feel overwhelmed by Deathblade.

The biggest problem Deadeye has when I say “not competitive” isn’t that a great player couldn’t master it, it’s that if that same player was given a Gunslinger, he would just be better.

Deadeye took several hits in PvP changes before our version was released. First is FoV change, which was just like Sharpshooter. Previously, Deadeye could hit people from off screen like Sharpshooter. FoV change took that away so now Deadeye is reliant on being close to do damage.

Other was capping Swiftness to 750. Before that cap, there were several damage combos that Deadeye could pull off but now they can’t.

So it’s not that it would be impossible to be a Deadeye (just like the 2 KR specialists that had 80% win rate as Soulfist when Soulfist was dead in the KR tournament), it’s that you’d have to just be so much better as a Deadeye or you would be so much better with equal effort on another existing class

Yet, you can attack off-screen with sniper skills, you have to calculate which direction is the opponent going or your team member at the camera border can tell you, where he is/got attacked.

That’s what I’m talking about “outdated” PvP-build. You need right build to adjust the combos and damage, when situation fits. Forget that old one.

About equal effort on another exisiting class, it makes sense on PvE, but not on PvP.
Some popular classes have struggle to caught like Sorc or any with 10% HP with high-mobiliy is running around far away from them.
Deadeye is right man for the job.
Another example, where the class is controlling the zone like Artillerist. Deadeye can stun him off-screen or break off. Other classes can’t such do with the longe range.
For melee, you have 3x Superarmor (Somer Sault, Space bar and Catastrophe). Shotgun on knocked down opponent, either you did or your team member.

Relies on FoV is a cheapest one.

You can try to argue technicalities and make up imaginary perfect scenarios if you want. The numbers and statistics reflect reality.

Having less Swiftness doesn’t give you “new combos”. It just removes the total number of combos you can perform. That’s the entire nature of Swiftness.

It’s also pretty strange that you try to argue for Deadeye for Sorc and Artillerist when Gunslinger is accepted as having a stronger game vs range.

The only edge Deadeye has over Gunslinger is vs melee and that is only a benefit if you’re sure you are never going to fight range.

Going in blind, Gunslinger with better range game and better team synergies is simply stronger.

I dont need to imagine, just give your explaination how I done to be competitive with Deadeye.
Numbers and Statistics are vague, it needs to show all factors - how many were Copists, Freestyler who has passion etc. You said earlier Soulfist was outclassed, still the players manage her with very high win rate. The question is, how many people are willing for hard to master or it’s the majority wants easy to master?

True. It doesn’t mean, the players used 10 combos previous, more likely they used same 3 combos everytime and other skills are untouched.

Gunslinger is not bad one, but they use same combos repititive and that made them too predticable. Act like a bot and you know right timing, her combo will be interrupted.
About Range game, she has weakness. Her sniper tells the range & radius for opponents, you can get out. Deadeye has off-screen range called “Aimed shot”, which has slow & stun effect. It’s way difficult to react it before you dodge

probably Fire Staff and Void Gauntlet

Bold of you to assume season 2 will be released

Maybe meta in other regions could give a hint.
Doesn’t Korea already have the class updates and a new season going on?