What colored eyes should this character have?

Really struggling to find an eye color that looks good with the hair

darker will look a little more like she’s not just a lifeless doll

Some kind of neon green, slightly darker than the hair highlight.

Or do half an half you can choose different eye colors with the ‘One Eye’ settings to control one at a time.

neon green pairs best with pinks that fall in the red violet range in the color wheel . It is better suited as an accent because of the intense vibrancy neon green has

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see how well those colors look together or

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Was going to say a similar thing.
Purple eyes would be nice, or magenta.

You could do one purple eye and one green eye.

an off color would be better ( for the green eye) that way it distributes the attention more evenly between the hair and face

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I was thinking a very pale green, almost white. Not like the hair at all.

But with hair that color, I would stick to the purple (magenta/lavendar) eyes as her hair draws a lot of attention and 2 different colored eyes MAY detract.

I suggest to try it out and see what @andrewdesi09 likes the best.

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Since the hair is bright green, a pink shade will likely be best for the eyes.

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